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Filipino Books Your Kids Must Have

November 23, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Planning to build a beginner’s library at home? Make sure to invest on quality and age-appropriate Filipino books too! We picked our local favorites and teacher-recommended books to help jumpstart your child’s learning of Filipino language and culture.

1. Kakanin!

Illustrated by Crown Dolot


Photo courtesy of adarna.com.ph

Introduce your little one to Filipino traditional rice cakes our lolos and lolas used to buy from the market. Dolot used modeling clay to create yummy characters such as bibingka, sapin-sapin and palitaw. Your child will surely be excited to try them out the when you serve these for merienda!

2.  Ang Halimaw ng mga Kulay

by Anna Llenas


Photo courtesy of adarna.com.ph

In this book, emotions such as happy, angry, sad and scared are represented through colors. Perfect for toddlers who are having a hard time expressing themselves, they can learn to open up how they feel to their parents, teachers and friends through simple illustrations and colors.

3. Tagu-Taguan

by Jomike Tejido


Photo courtesy of tahananbooks.com

Play and discover the wonderful creatures that can be found right at your own backyard! Through the colorful and detailed illustrations, children will learn about insects and counting from 1 to 10 and back again. This book is ideal for teaching toddlers how to count. You can also do finger counting to make it more fun for them!

4. Ang Pambihirang Buhok ni Raquel

by Luis P. Gatmaitan, M.D.

trends-filipino-books-for-kidsPhoto courtesy of adarna.com.ph

Raquel is admired for being kind-hearted and for having beautiful and unique hairstyles. But she has a secret sickness — leukemia. In the end, readers will realize that health is wealth.  Use this book to teach your child how to take good care of themselves as well as realizing how lucky they are for being able to run, jump, play because they are strong and healthy.

4. Papa’s House Mama’s House

by Jean Lee C. Patindol

trends-filipino-books-for-kidsPhoto courtesy of adarna.com.ph

The sisters live in two different houses with different rules. The sisters then question why they have this set-up but Mama and Papa express that they don’t love them any less. This piece is a good introduction for children whose parents no longer live together. It will give them comfort that no matter what happens, their parents will always give them a hundred percent love and support.

5. Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu!

by Nanoy Rafael

trends-filipino-books-for-kidsPhoto courtesy of adarna.com.ph

Isko is now a kuya! He then gets worried of what he would feel when the baby arrives. With the help of his friends and Doktora, he finds out the joys of having a sibling. Read this to your child if you are expecting a newborn anytime soon. This will help them understand why having a baby is a blessing.

6. Tight Times

by Jeanette C Patindol

trends-filipino-books-for-kidsPhoto courtesy of adarna.com.ph

When the family of rats went through hardship, they found joy in the simplest of things around them. Read this to your child, especially to those who are used to getting toys and clothes that they want, so they will learn to be grateful for what they have and appreciate the things that they are blessed with.

7. Araw Sa Palengke

by May Tobias-Papa

trends-filipino-books-for-kidsPhoto courtesy of smartparenting.com.ph

The little girl wakes up early to join her mother to the market. She describes what she sees, hears, smells and feels and the things they did. Children nowadays are only exposed to groceries. This book prepares you and your child if you ever plan on visiting a wet market! The book gives details on what to expect during your trip as well as the different types of food that they’ll be seeing. You should also mention to your child that saying “baho” or “eew!” is rude, because this is the normal lifestyle of the vendors in the palengke and this is something they should learn.

8. Ang Barumbadong Bus

by Rene O. Villanueva

trends-filipino-books-for-kidsPhoto courtesy of smartparenting.com.ph

Ako ang hari ng kalsada! Kas the bus

This is popular amongst the little boys because they are fond of anything that talks about transportation vehicles! Use this to teach them about the different types of vehicles, road safety tips and how pollution can affect our environment.

9. A Boy Named Ibrahim

by Sitti Aminah “Flexi” Sarte

trends-filipino-books-for-kidsPhoto courtesy of adarna.com.ph

Ibrahim shows the daily life of a Muslim boy. He demonstrates how their prayer is done and why prayer is very important in their religion. This is the perfect time for children to know more about their Muslim brothers and sisters, who are also experiencing trials as they recover from the war they experienced in Marawi. Emphasize that despite our differences, we must help each other in times of hardships.

There are more books we wish to share but that will take us forever if we write ’em down all here. You may check out Adarna House for more Fiipino children’s books to choose from. The good news is that you won’t have to break the bank to get a hold of these wonderful reads! Remember, it pays to expose your children to books as early as you can. This will broaden their imagination, which will surely take them places!


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