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Taste.Company | New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block

December 25, 2016 9:00 pm by Karla Ramos

Taste Travel & Trends welcomes its newest online affiliate that’s sure to satisfy your world-wide-web cravings

Text by Anina Marie Tan

Steve Jobs once said that the internet is the future, and he definitely wasn’t mistaken.

The World Wide Web is an avenue filled with endless information, entertainment, and a multitude of possibilities. One click on your browser can connect you with people you never would have thought you could reach, download information in lightning speed, and even purchase items on your shopping list without having to get in your car, to the mall, and into a store. It is undeniable that the internet is indeed one avenue that everyone in today’s generation needs to get into, and with that, Taste, Travel & Trends is proud to introduce its newest online affiliate, Taste.Company.

The site is focused on four categories: Taste, Travel, Trends, and Social Responsibility. All are relatable to the word’s (“taste”) definition as the sense of perceiving flavor, trying out something new, or having a partiality for food, travel, design, and lifestyle. Only less than six months old, Taste.Company has grown into an informative online journal that inspires, informs, and updates its readers on the latest in the local and occasional international culinary scene, travel, lifestyle, design, and social awareness.

Though the articles mainly have a distinct Filipino flavor that boasts of local talent and Pinoy pride, it achieves a worldly balance by incorporating international fashion, lifestyle, and food brands, other notable countries to visit, and foreigners who help bring growth and development to the country. Each entry is filled with vibrancy, enthusiasm, and vigor as brought to you by writers who share an intense passion for each of their categories.

Taste.Company’s writers have their own uniqueness, which makes each article more interesting. Writer Bettina Bacani, notes restaurants that are remarkable for their flavor, often with a touching and meaningful story to tell.

When it comes to adventures and activities in traveling around the Philippines, writer Marky Ramone Go, piece by piece, tells you where to go, what to do, and how to do it, while giving you a bit of history along the way.

The wondrous sights to see while globetrotting are often enumerated and captured in inspiring images by Karla Ramos, while writers Vicki Abary and Gabriella Galvez dish out the latest in style, fashion and design, making sure you don’t miss a beat in the ever-evolving, fast-paced, trendy scene in the metro.

Get the scoop on the newest stores that open their doors and keep yourself updated with the latest in fashion in Trends

Social Responsibility is given its proper focus by Ann Marie Cunanan, who is devoted to immersing herself in the different experiences and knowledge she gains from social enterprises.trends-newkids2

Learn about organizations and brands that help make living sustainable in Social Responsibility

Lastly, film enthusiast Michael Alegre shares his detailed and opinionated reviews on the latest movies that are talked about. With a growing roster of talented writers, Taste.Company is sure to evolve into something bigger than what it was as an idea, and because of that, there is certainly more and more to look forward to in the coming months.

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