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Taste.Company | Matilda on Broadway

Matilda on Broadway

December 1, 2016 12:00 pm by Karla Ramos

Whether you grew up with the original book or the hilarious Danny DeVito movie, Matilda surely brings back wonderful memories for you! Like all Broadway literary adaptions, the musical is even better than the book. I had the opportunity to giggle and gasp my way through Matilda on Broadway, and this is what it’s like.

The Venue

Matilda is held at the Shubert Theater. The Shubert Theater is connected to another theater and connected by the same Renaissance-style façade. The first play in this theater was Cleopatra, which played in 1913. Matilda, sadly, will end in 2016. Hello, Dolly! Is coming to the stage in 2017—although  hardcore theater lovers will hardly complain, I’m sure!


 Photo Courtesy of Broadway Box 

The Cast

There are three little girls who play the title character in Matilda, because they can’t spend all their time at Miss Trunchbull’s school—they also have to attend their own! Ava Briglia is making her Broadway debut, although she already has a sister in the limelight. Willow McCarthy is playing a character for pay for the first time ever in Matilda. And Aviva Winick is debuting, as well! Not a bad time to debut for these kids. Jennifer Blood, however, is not a first-time actress; she has actually played Miss Honey before in other productions. Miss Trunchbull is played by Bryce Ryness. Yes, you read that right—Miss Trunchbull is played by a man, and it sure works well for the character.


Photo Courtesy of WBUR FM 

The Play

Matilda is the story of a little girl who is sorely underappreciated by her parents. No matter how hard she tries, they just don’t notice her—or her special gifts. Matilda is a secret genius, despite the fact that she’s eight years old and has never set foot in a school. When her dreams finally come true and she is allowed to go to school, she finds herself with the sweet Miss Honey as a teacher and the terrible Miss Trunchbull as a headmistress. In a strange twist of events, Matilda learns that it is not only the children who are abused my Miss Trunchbull! Miss Honey is actually Miss Trunchbull’s stepdaughter and has had everything stolen from her by the terrible woman. Using her unique powers of the mind (which seem almost magical), Matilda helps Miss Honey get her home back. At the end, Matilda’s parents are run out of town for illegal activity and Miss Honey adopts Matilda.