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Taste.Company | 5 Educational Apps For Kids

5 Educational Apps For Kids

June 16, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Let’s face it, it’s inevitable not to hand gadgets to our little ones nowadays. Your busy daily schedule plus the loads of energy they have the whole day makes the iPad seem like a beaming superhero that saves the day! According to American Academy of Pediatrics, children now are allowed to use devices for a maximum of one hour a day. All we have to do is choose quality apps where they get to learn and have fun at the same time. We give you 5 parent and kid-approved app, which you can try out later on. Download them now!


1. Batibot TV 

Ages 3 to 9

Adults who grew up watching this morning TV program will feel nostalgic as the characters come alive again in their mobile devices. Children will get to watch and download “Kuwentong Batibot” episodes, play with “Alin ang Naiba” as they identify which does not belong in the group of objects. They can also practice writing using the tracing exercises and sing along with the Batibot songs in the karaoke feature. The aim of this app is to promote the development of literacy skills and of course, love for the Filipino language.


2. Dr. Seuss Apps

Ages 2-7

Everyone enjoys reading the silly rhymes and illustrations from the classic Dr. Seuss book collection. Build your little bookworm’s library and choose from The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, The Lorax and many more! The reading will heighten your child’s love for reading, whether he is a preschooler or an elementary school aged child. The app features interactive sections, one-question activities, and reading options such as narrative or read alone. This app is best used with parents as you work together to find the best reading approach for your child.


3. Inventioneers

Ages 9 to 11

Aside from learning scientific facts from this app, kids can make their own inventions! Through the featured games, children are able to learn about Earth elements from air, fire, to magnets and simple Physics concepts. Kids will collect over 40 objects they can use to make their most unique and weirdest inventions. This app can also be used for teachers who’d like students to share their works with everyone in the class. Definitely fun and interactive!


4. MoMa Art Lab

Ages 7 and above; iOS (FREE)

Let your little Picasso explore his creative side with the features this app has to offer. Art exercises include creating your own mobile, drawing from instructions, experimenting with paint, collage-making and collaborating on a group drawing. Discover the works of artists including Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, Elizabeth Murray and more. Although kids are still into messy art activities involving paint, beads and other sensory materials, but if you’re on travel or just plain stuck in heavy traffic, then you should have this in your gadgets ready. For Art teachers, use this to show a demo to the class and create a model before doing the actual art activity.


5. A Day in the Market

Ages 1-4

Araw Sa Palengke written by May Tobias-Papa come to life in this interactive app. While the app requires reading the book, there are tasks to accomplish in every scene as the little girl experiences her first trip to the market with her Nanay. There is a sorting game for the things bought in the market, a cooking game where you can cook your favorite Filipino dish. You can opt to listen to the story in English or Filipino with colorful visuals and attractive sounds that come with it. Wait for a surprise in the end!

Whether you agree or disagree with the use of technology, the important thing is you give ample time to bond with your kid(s) because real learning takes place away from the screen


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