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Taste.Company | Different Acts of Giving this Christmas

Different Acts of Giving this Christmas

December 27, 2017 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

Christmas is the most joyful time of the year, where people are exceptionally nicer and more thoughtful. Everyone makes extra effort to show their love to friends and family. This Christmas, we at Taste.Company, would like to appreciate the different kinds of giving.

The most common one would be surprising our loved ones with gifts they would love and adore! It is also a time to remind our god parents for gift money or ampao. But more than that, the Filipino spirit lives on through kindness and generosity.  Here are just a few that would make your heart melt and realize that there are so many ways to be generous, not only during Christmas but all year round.

Thank you to the many examples who have shared the love and light this Christmas. We’re sure there are countless acts of love put to life but here are some of our top favorites that are really worth sharing:

Since the storm Urduja hit Visayas right before Christmas, Volunteers and community workers have been hands on and taking care of  those affected by the typhoon. Filipinos don’t choose any time or day, when the need calls for it, they are there ready to help despite/inspite whatever season it may be.


A group of friends and family having an “Adventure with a Heart” giving campaign. The initiative was to reach the farthest communities within Tanay Rizal, sharing meaningful travels and giving our Dumagat brothers and sisters Christmas packages and a great time enjoying together. The adventure was not easy having to pass rivers and walk lengths but with the spirit of generosity, anything and everything is possible. Kudos to TerranutraHerbals and EmpathyGo for this initiative.

acts-of-givingIt is always heart-warming when groups gather together to give back and share the spirit of Christmas to those most in need. When December hits, there are countless school organizations, Barkada’s, NGO’s, church groups or the like who start planning ways to give back and share the love. There is always a part of them that wants to share their time and efforts despite the Christmas rush. In the photo, on an early Saturday morning before Christmas, a barkada gives back and prepared a party and Noche Buena Packages for children in an impoverished community in Sampaloc. One volunteer mentioned “Christmas is really all about making the children happy!”, and so they did!


A company opening their doors to their partner charity to sing Christmas carols and dances to the employees. NuworksPH invited the employees to give donations to Kapwa Kapatid foundation’s surprise and they doubled the amount that was raised for scholarships to continue to build dreams through education. A big thank you NuworksPH! #nuworkshappy


It is always heartfelt when employees are given time to give back and share their talents and blessings with those in need. In the photo, a company spends their Christmas party with kids from underprivileged areas to play games, sing songs and teach values about the real meaning of Christmas. A big thank you Splash Corporation!


It might even be an own initiative of friends who are in the city saying they have been blessed so much this year and want to give back. This initiative was started by Edra and Lovely Mae who both work in Manila and collected school supplies for their hometown in Samar to give back in the hope of making a difference to the children in their hometown, Buenos Aires, Victoria, Northern Samar.


Share the love and light: Scholar leaders, some who have already graduated as a way to “pay it forward”, regularly volunteer in a Christmas program with interactive games and values formation for a group of 300 scholars and share on how to “Dream Big and Start Small” in Pulilan Bulacan.

A group of high school kids taking initiative to collect Christmas baskets and decorating it with the cutest materials to give to the children who live close to the dumpsite in Payatas Quezon City. Small initiatives of kindness has no age limit, it is good to share the example of giving and sharing even to children. Just like the students from the Guadixian Club of Saint Pedro Poveda, driven by his words “you do not need to be rich in order to give, it is enough to be good.”

The MACS: Make a Children Smile Project also gives back to their donors by letting the children also write letters back to their ninongs and ninangs who have donated for their Christmas gifts.

These are just a few photos of messages from the children and parents which they wrote to after receiving the school supplies and Noche Buena packages. It is also nice to give through words and thank you’s.

Christmas, truly is the most wonderful time of the year. May we continue to share this same love and light not only this time, but all throughout the year. Many times, kindness is not only given through material things. It starts with giving a smile to a stranger, sharing your talent by singing in a choir, listening to someone in need, practicing respect and kindness, and the list goes on and on.  May Christmas also be a reminder that generosity should be lived out today and everyday. Saint Mother Teresa said it best, “it is Christmas every time you let God love others through you.”

The message and meaning of Christmas is there to continue to remind us that a life of giving, sharing and kindness is the life we are called to live. Merry Christmas from all of us at Taste.Company!


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