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Taste.Company | Detox Parties: An Upcoming Health Trend

Detox Parties: An Upcoming Health Trend

May 16, 2017 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos

‘Tis truly the season to arrange get-togethers right now as the heat of the summer wave rolls around and covers us all, isn’t it? Somehow, everyone is looking for places to go, things to see, and activities to do and if there ever was a time to try something new with people you like, then this is that time. So, if you’re looking for a new, fun and definitely transformative way to spend the time with people you like, why not try the upcoming health trend of the year which is Detox Parties.Trends_WhatsNew_DetoxParties4

Health nut or not, if you’re looking to experience a whole new kind of partying where you don’t end up with a pounding head the day after, these Detox Parties are the one you’re looking for. But first, what are they, anyway? Well, we are going to find out with the help of Healing Minds PH, in partnership with Swizzle Mobile Bar, exactly what happens at these sessions.Trends_WhatsNew_DetoxParties3

Tina of @karlaeatsworld having her shot of Acudetox by Gisa Paredes of Healing Minds PH

Detox Party, as defined by our helpful friends from Healing Minds, “allows friends / colleagues to reach a higher level of wellness for the mind, body, and spirit right in the comforts of their homes / offices”. It involves unique processes called acudetox treatments as well as juice cleanses along the way which will help in the rejuvenation of the body. It’s like a special spa sent straight to your doors!

Trends_WhatsNew_DetoxParties11Gisa Paredes, Founder of Healing Minds PH. Certified ThetaHealer © and Acudetox Specialist

During this treatment, people will be subjected to a little something called an Ear Acudetox. For those unfamiliar to what that is, an Ear Acudetox is essentially detoxification through acupuncture of the ears. This method focuses on five ear points and was originally created to try to address addiction. The entire thing usually lasts from 20-30 minutes per person but can be extended up to 45 minutes, depending on the need of the client.

Trends_WhatsNew_DetoxParties25 Points of the Ear Acudetox

As was previously mentioned, this Detox Party by Healing Minds PH is in partnership with Swizzle Mobile Bar which provides healthy cleansing juices made to complement the treatments you receive during the course. They provide three kinds that address three specific organs: the liver, the kidney, and the heart. These were specifically made to help clean these organs and will be taken along as the detoxification continues.

Of course, aside from these specialized juices, they also provide healthy veggie snacks to have with them. They have Rice Paper Salad Wraps, Vegetable Sticks with Hummus, and Cucumber yogurt dip with Baked Pita Chips to name some of them. They certainly have all of their bases covered.

Trends_WhatsNew_DetoxParties8Tuna and couscous with cucumber, tomatoes, mint, and lemon by Swizzle Mobile Bar

A Detox Party is a good way to heal ourselves from over-all stress in our daily lives, may it be physical or mental, or even spiritual stress. It is also a unique way to hang-out with your friends in a relaxed and spiritual atmosphere. Plus, there’s nothing quite like letting your mind get washed away and letting someone else do the pampering for you now is there? But if you’re still hesitant about the entire process, don’t worry. Here is what you’ll expect once you avail of this experience for yourself.

Trends_WhatsNew_DetoxParties7Rice paper salad wraps, photo courtesy of @karlaeatsworld

To begin, you will be greeted by members of the Detox Party crew where they will explain to you what the program is all about. Then, after being given that walkthrough, they will offer you some of the drinks that we have just covered as well as some of the finger foods they have made for the session.

Then, the treatment begins. First, they clean and sterilize both of your ears for sanitary reasons, of course. Afterwards, they will begin to pierce the acupuncture needles in the five specific areas of your ears which correspond to different parts of your body. Don’t worry, these aren’t sewing needles being pierced onto you, these needles are special. They are actually 1/5th the size of a normal needle in thickness. If you have a particularly high pain tolerance, this process will go easier and faster for you.

Trends_WhatsNew_DetoxPartiesThe juicing process. Coming right up: Kidney Detox Juice by Swizzle Mobile Bar

For the first five minutes, that is when you begin the descend towards a trance of sorts which helps ease you into a transcendent relief and relaxation. Now, if somewhere along the process a needle pops out, it would be explained to you that it may be your body rejecting it a bit. After the treatment, you will find yourself in a mellow mood and relaxed even after the entire session.

So? Are you finally ready to give this a try? Are you ready to experience a form of relaxation and relief you have never had before? If so, then hurry and book an arrangement for a Detox Party as your next friends’ and family’s get-together plan this summer. Trends every summer come and go but this is one health trend that truly has the power stay.

To inquire about the next Acudetox or to book your own detox party, get in touch with Gisa Paredes at +63917.505.4472 or shoot an e-mail to healingmindsph@gmail.com

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