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Taste.Company | Daddy’s Makeover

Daddy’s Makeover

June 13, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

The work-family life balance is one of the greatest challenges of men. As they tirelessly give the best to the family, they sometimes forget that they too need a break and some TLC. For this special occasion, we gave a deserving dad, no other than the father of my children, his much needed pampering and makeover.

At 29, Aga, an entrepreneur juggling two different types of businesses, managing a restaurant and fixing cars with his automotive shop, ends his day with our toddler and 6-month old baby. “Honestly, I don’t have the time to plan my daily attire. I don’t even have time to shop for a new pair of pants,” he admitted. “My go-to clothes would be a shirt in a neutral color, shorts or jeans and rubber shoes. With my line of work, there’s no need to dress to impress but an overall comfortable look that I can pull off from day to night will do.”

Now we all know that our dads give us the best, and so we want what’s best for him too. He might not at all care about his daily look but vain or not, stylish or anti-fashion, everyone will agree that looking good always leads to feeling good. So why not make him feel his best? I, the doting wife, decided to give my husband a Daddy Makeover, just in time for Father’s Day. However, this makeover did not focus on the transformation, rather more on taking him out of his everyday routine-led choices. We all know this can be a drag and don’t we all need inspiration in our daily lives? I also gave him wardrobe options that he’d never thought of wearing or buying before this makeover, which looked really cool on him after all.

The result?

“At my age, it’s not too late to experiment with your look and all the outfits that I tried on today are workable. But I’d still go for the last look since it shows a bit of my personal taste,” said Aga.

Watch below and see what happened during our makeover day:


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