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Taste.Company | I Woke Up Like This with Browhaus

I Woke Up Like This with Browhaus

March 3, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Beauty junkies experiment with make up and skin care products all the time, and as much as they love their kikay kits, sometimes they, too, wish they could just tell you “I woke up like this”. It is now possible thanks to the new innovation from a unique brand that Filipinos have learned to love. Browhaus is a one-stop brow and lash-grooming salon, made for image conscious individuals that enjoy both function and style. Known for their grooming and styling services, Browhaus now introduces Brow Resurrection, Lip Define and Eye Define. These are enhancing and time-saving procedures that give a more polished and sophisticated look that boosts one’s self confidence.

Brow Resurrectiontrends-browhaus

Kilay is life. A number of ladies can go out bare faced but never without fixed brows. Thick but groomed, filled in and perfectly arched eyebrows- this trend has dominated the beauty scene for quite some time and we tell you, it’s here to stay. Did you know using eyebrow pencil the wrong way could lessen your brow hair strands? Yikes! If you’re scared that it might look like tattooed eyebrows that slowly turn blue as it fades, don’t fret. Brow Resurrection creates realistic brow strands from root to tip. The treatment uses vegetable dye and a special technique that makes natural-looking strokes, resulting in a finer finish compared to other semi-permanent brow treatments that simply weave in parallel hair strands. For those who’ve already had old or poorly tattooed brows, this can be your solution to finally have a more natural looking brows in a painless way!

Eye Definetrends-browhaus2

The K-beauty craze has gotten us wanting to have those fresh-vibe and rounder peepers. But let’s face it- consistency in putting eyeliner everyday can be quite a challenge. With semi permanent eyeliner, the specialist etches black along the lash line, but draws a slightly thicker line in the middle to dramatically frame the eye and to create the appearance of bright-eyed peepers. Utilizing 100% vegetable dyes, the etching is completely safe, eco-friendly and non-allergenic. Browhaus only uses brand new needles and sterilized tools unique to each treatment. There might be a slight discomfort but Browhaus uses a numbing cream that ensures a painless procedure. It’s all worth it in the end as the eyeliner lasts for two years or more and fades over time.

Lip Definetrends-browhaus3

We certainly love hoarding different shades of lipsticks that we can’t even finish a tube. Wearing lipstick, especially the matte ones, can lead to dry and chapped lips, which is why you need to give your lips a break and some TLC. Semi permanent lip tint is perfect for those who are on the go and still want to have that natural pink lip color without having to put on a lip product anymore. We also think that this may work for smokers who want to give their dark lips a refreshing look. The tint can last up to two years depending on one’s after care maintenance.

If you’re hesitant to try out a service because you’re not ready to take on a bold move, it’s comforting to know that you will be in good hands. A Browhaus training school was built where specialists go through a rigorous 10-week training program with a monthly review and annual certification before they proceed to working hands on with clients. Before any procedure, specialists conduct a short assessment and take into consideration the shape of the client’s face- whether round, oval or heart shaped. Your eye shape – how it is set and unique concerns such as a prominent nose, chin or lip are all factored into the equation too. It’s also a plus that the services are all pain free as long as you follow the after care steps which will be explained at the end of the session. Note that each service is unique to every individual. The shade of your brows or lips may be a bit darker after the first session but after the down time, results will be more visible and closer to your peg.trends-browhaus4

Browhaus after care kit

Browhaus is not limited to services alone but also offers a wide range of makeup and face care for the whole grooming experience. It’s something every girl boss on-the-go should consider trying out, to make her more efficient at work while being confident with her look that’ll last throughout the day.trends-browhaus5

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