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Taste.Company | Best Summer Workshops for Kids

Best Summer Workshops for Kids

April 13, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

Knowledge is power, and education is at its most important during our childhood years. Kids are the most impressionable bunch of all, and just because school is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep both their bodies and brains active during vacation! Here are some of the best summer workshops for kids around the metro this 2018.

  1. Food, food, food

If you want to teach your kids the value of patience, good service, and proper manners—all while having them experience life in the food industry—then look no further than your neighbourhood Langhap Sarap fast food chain. The Jollibee Mini Managers Camp is a 6-day workshop for little ones aged 4-12, and with their holistic approach to learning and activities such as burger making, arts and crafts, ice cream making, and the like, you’ll be sure to teach them the value of hard work in preparation for adult life. The fee is Php650 per child, and you can check out the inclusions (including participating branches) HERE.

If you’re more of a Ronald McDonald fan, the annual 5-day McDonald’s Kiddie Crew workshop teaches on-floor restaurant training as well as values formation, apron making, Happy Meal box designing, dance exercises, and various other talent workshops. There are morning shifts and afternoon shifts to suit your child’s schedule best, as well as a 2-day weekend workshop for the weekend warriors out there. Check out the details HERE.


Now, some kids are actually child prodigies in the kitchen, and to help them hone their skills on their way to becoming the next Junior Master Chef, you can enroll them in Swell Sweets Cake Lab’s Bake + Decorate Summer Workshop 2018 from April 15 – August 16. The various classes are tailored to fit your child’s interests and skills, which include baking cupcakes, creating custom desserts, and basic and advanced decorating sessions. Contact them at 09175367827, or visit the studio at G/F Trion Towers 2, #2 Mckinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig.

  1. All about the arts

Summer workshops for kids usually include learning sessions involving the arts, and with the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)’s Workshop Express, kids and teens can develop their talents in sound and music, dancing, visual arts, and drama. Interested young performers can choose from classes in Children’s Theater, Creative Musical Theater for Children, Teen Theater, and Musical Theater for Young People. It’s always best to start them young, because who knows? You just might be training a future Tony Award, Grammy, or Oscar winner in your very own household. Contact 725-6244 loc. 14/0905-3696003 to inquire about schedules and rates.

Young Picassos can also hone their brushwork at the Young Artists’ Studio’s Summer Art Workshop. The lessons on art for beginners, painting, and drawing are perfect for the young minds that love the visual arts, while little runway geniuses can let their imagination go wild with the fashion design and illustration courses. Comic book aficionados can also unleash their inner geekiness with the comics illustration classes as well! Find out more from their website HERE.


For the future J.K. Rowling or George R. R. Martin in the family, the Get It Write summer writing workshop program helps channel both kids’ and adults’ creative energies and imaginations into beautiful writing in all genres. Learn the foundations of poetry and fiction and polish ideas into compelling work with the small classes that only accommodate 12 participants per group to ensure one-one-one attention. Evaluations at the end of the course are also personal, so you can be sure that each student is truly valued.  Visit Get It Write’s convenient locations in Cubao, Katipunan, or Ortigas to book your slots this summer.

  1. Let’s get active

Want your little ones to go hyperactive on sports? Help them break out a sweat and stay fit and healthy at the Milo Summer Sports Clinic. Train your future Olympic gold medallist with their classes on basketball, volleyball, badminton, crossfit, parkour, and even yoga. The first indoor Parkour facility in Manila (and the biggest one in South East Asia) Ninja Academy is also offering a Milo Sports Clinic Parkour Workshop that will help kids and adults to overcome obstacles using natural human movement to really get you sweating.  And because Parkour teaches students to traverse environments efficiently by developing aerial awareness and adapting at a moment’s notice, you’ll be able to use your body’s natural flow to determine your next move especially in time-sensitive emergencies. You’ll be jumping, climbing, rolling, and running like a ninja—plus the sessions include a free ninja kit too! Can it possibly get any cooler than that? You definitely can’t go wrong with Milo—great things start from small beginnings, after all.

If basic sports is not your child’s thing (and if they’re really into the Justice League or the Avengers), you can still help him or her stay active by channelling their inner Green Arrow or Hawkeye. One of the best summer workshops for kids includes this unique archery class at The Archery Academy, where children can develop strength, focus, balance, discipline, coordination, and friendly competition—and best of all, you can check to see if your child is into it first by registering for a free trial by contacting 0917-8037422 or 544-3598.


Of course, the scorching summer sun in this searing Manila heat can be quite a damper, so if you want your kids to stay cool this season, enroll them in a swimming class—there’s no better way to cool off than a refreshing dip! Aqualogic Swim Co. will not only help your children learn this invaluable life skill, but it will also help them have more fun whenever you’re chilling out at the beach. Summer classes are categorized into AquaBabes, AquaTots, and AquaKids based on age, and teachers base their lessons on which learning capability fits the students best. The classes are conveniently located in various places such as the Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Dusit Thani Hotel, Fairmont Makati, and The Village Sports Club in BF Parañaque.

  1. It’s all in the mind

Who says summer workshops for kids only need to hone the body? The brain is just as important—if not more—than the other muscles in the body, which is why the summer break is no excuse for the mind to get complacent. Instill a habit of keeping the mind sharp and a sense of responsibility in your children with First Robotics Learning Center’s technology-driven programs this summer. Because technology is always changing, you need to prepare your little geniuses for the future with classes that focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills. Don’t worry—letting your kids learn about robotics doesn’t mean that they will single-handedly bring about the cybernetic apocalypse (there are no Terminator threats here!). If anything, letting them discover more about robotics will only help them harness technology better so that they can create enhancements in medicine and the like. Located at Unit 2, Ground Floor, Goldhill Tower, 5 Annapolis St., Greenhills, First Robotics Learning Center is open for slot reservations HERE.


Does your little rascal have great potential for a life in both arts and sciences? Ayala Museum helps merge the two branches of knowledge together with their unique class offerings this 2018. The Ayala Museum STEAM Workshop 2018 from April to May is open to kids 6-12 years old, and it engages students by fusing creative activities with math, science, and even history. There are morning and afternoon sessions as well. For instance, Chemistry and Color Theory teaches students how to mix colors and gradients as well as learn the basics of abstract painting. Geometry and Pattern Making offers an interesting take on creating patterns in textiles using Geometry, while Archeology and Pottery Making teaches young minds history and culture along with the significance of ceramics and pottery in archaeology. Other unique classes include Physics and Mobile Photography, Botany and Terrarium Making, and Astronomy, Navigation and the Art of Boat Making.

How do our senses work? What are the wonders of the solar system? How do engineers build planes and trains, and why does the weather work the way it does? If these are the questions that your child is dying to know about, you can ignite your kids’ passion for science with the classes that The Mind Museum offers. It doesn’t matter if your kid is interested in the body, technology, the earth, the universe, or prehistoric times—The Mind Museum’s Junior Mind Mover Program will definitely satiate his or her thirst for knowledge with immersive behind-the-scenes activities, hands-on classes, and science demos. You can head on over to the Mind Museum Facebook page to learn more about these wonderful opportunities for your little one!

Feeling a little envious of all the fun your child will be getting this summer? You can get up and get learning too! There is a wealth of summer workshops for adults around the metro if you just set your mind to it. And if none of these choices appeal to you and your child, you can still keep them active with these fun summer activities you can do together—family bonding is the best kind of activity, after all!


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