Strip Manila: Your Waxing Authority Giving Back to Mother Nature

January 11, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

No pain, no gain is what we always tell ourselves when we undergo beauty procedures and treatments. Some of these may include hair styling, face and body treatments and even going on a strict diet. But one of the dreaded “duty” in our monthly list includes hair removal. Thankfully, there are different options to choose from depending on your pain tolerance.  In my case, my best bet would be going on a waxing session.

Strip: Ministry Of Waxing, is the first international concept waxing boutique since 2002, that has thriving outlets in London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. They are well known for their proper hygiene, speed and quality when it comes to their waxing treatments and IPL hair removal.

On my 37th week of pregnancy, I paid a visit at their SM Mega Fashion Hall branch and was given the option to try Strip Mama. It’s Brazilian waxing but the technician makes sure to take necessary precautions with mom-to-be’s sensitive skin. But you must stay clear during the first trimester and ask for a go signal from your ob-gyn first. Pregnant women are highly encouraged to have this done before giving birth so nurses won’t have to shave you down there which becomes itchy and uncomfortable during recuperation. It also prevents UTI, keeping the area cleaner especially when you pee, which happens hundred times more when you’re pregnant.

Jane, the senior technician asked me if I needed to go the washroom first and gave me clean wipes. Then we went inside a room with a small closet for my clothes and valuables. They also provided a special pillow intended only for pregnant women for lower back pain so you won’t get “ngawit” during the procedure.

They have different types of wax depending on the hair type. Chocolate wax is used for thick hair, strawberry wax for fine hair, cucumber wax for moisturizing and lemon wax for lightening.  In my case, Jane used the chocolate wax. Unlike other waxing salons, Strip follows the no double-dipping rule making sure that they use a new batch to cover all the areas to be waxed. That’s 100% points for hygiene.

I like how extra careful my technician was during the procedure and how she managed to entertain me during the 40-minute waxing session. I’ll be honest that it was a bit painful in some areas, maybe because of my sensitive condition too but it was tolerable. Overall, I highly recommend it not just for moms, but also for all ladies and even gentlemen who want a hassle-free hair removal experience.

Aside from Strip Mama, they also launched Touch of Comfort IPL hair removal, which uses a machine to weaken hair follicles using beams of specially filtered light to remove hair from the roots. New hair growth is delayed and a possibility that hair may not re-grow anymore.  At Strip, it only takes around 45 minutes for one session. That’s quick and pain-free!

Aside from focusing on services, the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) took the initiative to create the “Save the Queen” campaign. This aims to invoke a change in society by educating the public on how bees are pollinators and not pests. Bees help pollinate 1/3 of the world’s food crop. If they die out, so will the world’s food source.

The campaign not only benefits the global bee economy but provides a sustainable income and jobs for small-batch beekeepers as well. This helps bee farmers cultivate and save more bees. In the Philippines, Strip supports Tobee’s Apiary in Baguio by buying honey that creates sustainable income for the beekeepers.

Strip’s quality of wax is carefully and tirelessly researched and developed by their 10-men strong training academy. Some waxing salons use honey lemon wax derived from honey, which serves as the bees’ food. This affects the homes of bees and gets destroyed when honey is harvested from the honeycombs. At Strip, beeswax or the natural wax produced by bees is used. Slogan tote bags, and mini jars of wild honey are being sold in all of their outlets. While disseminating fridge magnets are aimed at encouraging the public to contact Plan Bee – Strip’s official bee rehabilitation service partner – instead of exterminators when they come across a beehive. Through this, Strip aims to protect the honeycombs. Without these, there will be no bees, thus no honey.

Strip launched their newest wax variant, the Queen Bee Wax which comes from sustainable apiaries in Australia. It contains skin-conditioning properties like titanium dioxide that cares for sensitive skin. It minimizes skin drag, making hair removal quick and comfortable. A percentage of every Queen Bee wax spent at Strip (clients who avail full leg or arm wax) will go towards the apiaries that they are collaborating with. Clients also stand a chance to win vouchers when they have a go picking a scroll from the in-store “hive” installation. “Bees are so crucial to our modern ecosystem and future, yet we are so often unthinking in the way we treat them. We need to see bees in a new light and do everything we can to ensure their survival. My vision is to eventually set up a global network of apiaries that in addition to producing honey and wax sustainably, will also provide jobs for ten thousand women,” says Cynthia Chua, CEO of the Spa Esprit Group. “We, at Strip, are always one notch ahead. We are doing our part on being sustainable to protect the environment,” said Tab Abad, managing director of Strip Manila. “Strip is not just a hair removal business. We are doing more to take care of the future.”

Strip Manila is located in Serendra, Megamall, and Greenbelt 5. For more information and to know their latest services, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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