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Taste.Company | Get to know why Giltbox is so amazing!

Get to know why Giltbox is so amazing!

Giltbox is paving the way for personalized sampling -- delivered right at your doorstep!

June 20, 2018 12:14 pm by Karla Ramos

Ever crossed your mind trying something different for a change? The kind of different that will give you that surprise factor you’ve been looking for? May it be dining to a new restaurant around the corner to discovering products to be added in your daily beauty routine, we have got wind of something that beauty enthusiasts would love to hear about! Introducing Giltbox!


Who is Giltbox?

Giltbox is the Philippines’ first and leading lifestyle box subscription service. They are a 360-degree lifestyle discovery platform. When one subscribes to their discovery service, they will receive a regular delivery of the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products from prestige brands around the world. In the Giltbox Shop, they can find full-size versions of some of the products sampled as well as other editor approved products from a vast list of brands.


Giltbox also features original editorial content designed to educate and inspire consumers, from how-to videos to beauty and style articles to influencer collaborations. Giltbox’s innovative approach allows brands and consumers to connect in a unique, intimate, and fun way.


What is discovery subscription?

With Giltbox, you will have the chance to discover beauty and lifestyle products that are personalized just for you! By filling out your very own “beauty profile” — the Giltbox team will customize products according to your preference and data.


With only P300, you can now subscribe to our newest offering — Giltbox Lite – a personalized set of 4 beauty and lifestyle products that will be delivered right at your doorstep! Isn’t that exciting? A box for only P300 but is valued more than just that!


What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Giltbox and discover beauty personalized just for you!


Subscribe here: http://www.giltbox.ph/subscribe/lite

Grab some goodies at Giltbox’s E-Commerce Shop: http://www.giltbox.ph/women


Follow Giltbox online: @giltboxph @giltboxman


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