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Taste.Company | The ASUS ZenFone Max Plus: Your Phone of Choice

The ASUS ZenFone Max Plus: Your Phone of Choice

February 6, 2018 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos

It’s hard to believe nowadays, but there was a time when those who wanted to buy phones didn’t really have much choice. It was true when the tech was first invented, and becomes true again at its every evolution. Just think back to the times when colored screens, camera phones, Internet-capable phones, touchscreens, and now full-fledged smartphones were introduced. If you were keeping ahead of technology, you’d notice your choices were restricted to just a few manufacturers.

Now, phones are evolving again, and the long sought-after “all-around” phone has finally been born. Once more, your options are very limited if you want to have one of these. Or, if you’re like me, your choice would be narrowed down to one name: ASUS.

Meet Your New Companion

The travel lifestyle is extremely fulfilling, but at times it can also be unforgiving. Everything you bring with you should be top-of-the-line, to withstand the rigors of trotting the globe. That’s especially true for your phone of choice. It should always be by your side, ready to snap away at a moment’s notice. It should be durable enough for those long hours in the middle of nowhere (without getting shackled with a bulky power bank!). It should be reliable enough to be of service again and again, without fail.

True, there are quite a few phones that would effortlessly meet these expectations. However, these same phones would suck your wallet dry, leaving no room for travel!

The new ASUS ZenFone Max Plus is different. It has everything you would ever need, without the uber-premium price tag. Just check out some of its flagship features:

“The Battery King”. The ZenFone Max Plus was launched with a spotlight on its 4130 mAh battery. For the non-techie, that translates to up to 26 days of standby time, and up to 13 hours of video playback. Can you imagine how many movies you could play, or how many pictures you could take with that?

And the icing on top of the cake is the PowerMaster feature which effectively doubles the battery life. You might recognize this features from the much more expensive phones, but now you can own it with the ZenFone Plus Max.

Top-Notch Dual Camera. What good is travel if you can’t bring home great pics for proof? The ZenFone Max Plus has a dual-camera setup: a standard 16MP rear snapper, and a companion 8MP wide-angle lens.

With a whopping 120-degree field of view, the wide-angle lens is perfect for capturing anything from landscapes, to buildings, to any type of scenery you may encounter. The 16MP one is great for standard shots and close-ups! Both are perfect for action shots too, capturing the moment in a fraction of a second. No more blurry jump shots!

For selfies, there is the 8MP front camera. And because it’s ASUS, the PixelMaster tech is there to make every shot look perfect!

A Body for Flaunting. You won’t take out a bulky chunk of plastic from your pocket while you’re traveling, would you? The ZenFone Max Plus has a slim metallic body, with an amazing screen to boot. The Full View display makes this 5.7 inch phone thinner and lighter, with no part of the body being wasted on unsightly bezels.

And since we’re talking screens, this phone also has one that’s perfect for showing off. With a pretty 2.5D Arc Glass that supports Glove Touch (hello, winter travels!), and a Full HD IPS display that produces bright and vivid colors, you’ll be proud to show this off to friends anytime.

Secure as a Vault. Worried about people snooping through your files? This ASUS unit is protected by a fingerprint scanner, allowing you to unlock the phone in half a second. And what if you’re wearing gloves (hello again, winter travels!)? The Face Unlock feature takes care of this, using your unique facial features to unlock the phone in just 0.3s!

The ZenFone Max Plus runs on the buttery-smooth Zen UI 4.0, based on Android 7.0. This means your phone is optimized for performance and safe against many software vulnerabilities.

All the essentials, and more! Just as the ZenFone Max Plus is beautiful on the outside, it is powerful on the inside. Need to multitask? It has 4GB of RAM and a suitably powerful 1.5GHz octa core processor from MediaTek. Lost in a foreign place? Find your way easily with GPS. No need to switch phones for different networks, as the dual-sim and dual-standby setup has you covered. Plus, load up all the media you will need for your travels with an SD card slot that takes up to 256GB!

Whether you’re snuggling up in your blanket at home or braving new adventures somewhere else; whether you’re talking business at the office or talking another language as a tourist, the ASUS ZenFone Max Plus is your perfect companion. Because if you want the best phone for your needs, this is your only real choice!


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