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Taste.Company | 5 Things to Invest On this 2018

5 Things to Invest On this 2018

January 16, 2018 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

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Aside from resolutions, there are other important areas we tend to take for granted but need some improvement too! Here are things we need to start investing on for a better you, with achievable steps to get you started.

1. Skincare

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Prevention is better than cure. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take care of your skin as early as your 20s! Think of it as a long time investment, you can’t see the results yet but if you religiously work on your skincare routine, you’ll feel the difference once you hit early 40s. Investing on the right skin care products now might be heavy on the pocket but aren’t Botox and other facial treatments more expensive in the long run? Now is the time to experiment, find which products suits your skin type the most and stick to it! The good and bad news is that there’s a lot of choices available in the market-from the 10-step Korean routine to the popular Western products, it might be a little overwhelming at first but a little research here and there will go a long way.


2. Good Food


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Now we’re not talking fancy dining. We’re talking about healthier and real food choices.  Fast food, fried, and commercialized goods will fill your tummies but not as good as having home-cooked meals and ingredients that are beneficial to you. We’re not asking you to ditch your love for sweets and turn into a vegan right away. Thank God for more conscious consumers these days, more products are readily available in the market that will still satisfy your cravings that aren’t boring at all. We round up some Healthy Picks for a Healthier You this year or browse through out Healthy Diet Delivery Guide for those on the go!




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Yes, everyone wants to be #twentyeightTHIN this year.  Commitment is the key and you have to start somewhere! Enroll in the gym nearest your home or workplace, or better yet, challenge yourself and try these Fitness Activities in the Metro. But if you’re on a budget but still determined to get back in shape, here are some Home Exercises that are effective and totally doable. It’s a plus to have a workout buddy who will push you to do more!


4. Studies


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Part of self-growth is trying to learn something new whenever we have time. But thanks to work (plus traffic), which eat up most of our time, we end up ignoring what we truly want to do. Would you like to learn a new foreign language? Or learn how to do your everyday make-up look? How about a leather-working class to get you started with the business you’ve been delaying for months? All these and more are part of Digital Learning and Self-Improvement Online Courses that could help you learn more about what you really want and practice them online. Best part is that most of them are free! But if you got more money to shell out and really want a new profession, enroll in short courses like Interior Design, Culinary Arts or if you’re brave enough, start your masters degree and see where it can take you years from now!


5. Home


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Be it a condominium, new house or still living with your parents (don’t be shy!), create a place that you’d actually love to go home to and not just a place for sleeping, eating and bathing. Start by decluttering unwanted items and just keeping the ones you need and love. Embrace the Konmari Method and see how everything else will be simplified and be put into order. Ready for some changes? Be inspired by the Ultra Violet Pantone color of 2018 and fill your home with items that could add up good vibes to energize you throughout the year.

Whatever your priorities are this year- health, love life, career, always make sure to prioritize self-care. Everything will fall into place as long as you start giving that TLC to yourself. Here’s to a better and stronger you this 2018!


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