Things to Do in Antique Province

July 26, 2016 5:35 am by Marky Ramone Go

A rundown of the many adventure packed activities in this underrated province.

Living to the hype of the highly acclaimed Panay Island, the province of Antique boasts of a number of natural attractions spanning from the mountainside down to the countryside and unto the dotted islands placed around its shores. Every lover of the great outdoors would find this province a one-stop destination where one can experience a variety of activities ranging from hiking, waterfall-chasing, island hopping and then some.

On the lookout for an alternative travel destination? You might want to consider Antique as we recap some of the must-do’s in this province.

Beach Bumming in Seco Island

Three hours off the coast of Tibiao, Antique situates a bare island devoid of any man-made structures. Laid out surrounded by an attractive body of water, is this elbow-shaped island, decked with fine, white sands. Seco’s long and curving sandbar provides the ideal escape from the bustling outside world. Lounging by the sea and chilling under the shade of the lush greens of the island, while enjoying an intimate al fresco picnic with friends can perfectly elevate your day into an extraordinary one.

Chilling and Hiking at Mararison Island

This small island inhabited by a friendly community is a fifteen minute boat ride away from Culasi, Antique. It welcomes visitors with a harmonic musical performance from its talented children’s choir. Laden with pure, soft and silvery sands, the island of Mararison is also gifted with a picturesque hilltop where visitors can view the sweeping seascape and the surrounding mountains of Antique. A few homestays are available on the island for travelers opting to stay for a night or two.

Trek and Delight at the Sweeping Views of the Antique Rice Terraces

A staircase of rice fields stretching over a vast expanse of a six hundred-hectare plantation hides another gem of Antique. Known to the locals since the time of their ancestors, but only discovered a few years ago by outside travelers, the rice terraces of Brgy. Fullon in San Remigio depicts a smaller but equally spectacular version of the famed Banaue rice terraces. Going here demands at least four hours of arduous trekking, but those who do so, will be pleased to experience the jovial hospitality of the community inhabited by the indigenous group of Iraynon Bukidnon.

Search for the Reclusive Rafflesia Flower

The Rafflesia Speciosa, a rare flower endemic to the island of Panay and Negros is found in the forests of Antique. Searching for this flower adds a dash of thrill to your exploration in the province. The Speciosa is part of a family of twenty eight Rafflesia species found mostly in the jungles of South East Asia. The Rafflesia has no particular flowering season, and takes up to nine months to mature and blooms only for five to six days before it withers away. The small barangay of Aningalan is where one could chance upon the reclusive and beautiful Rafflesia Speciosa and Rafflesia Lobate flowers.

Chasing Waterfalls and River Swimming

A mid-day dip into the crystal clear waters of Bugang River and Igpasungaw Falls is in order after a few days of adventuring all over the province of Antique. Kayaking and stand-up paddling at the National Government awarded ‘cleanest river in the Philippines’, Bugang River and a relaxing swim at the adjacent Naranjo Water Park will provide you a soothing experience to cool down your tired body.

Situated in the hills of Sebaste, Antique are nine levels of waterfalls highlighted by the wide Igpasungaw Falls which screams of an invigorating dive into its cold, crystal clear waters. A short trek lasting forty five minutes to an hour from the jump-off place instantly delivers travelers into a location where they can properly enjoy mother nature.

Cap Your Day with a Warm ‘Kawa Bath’

‘Kawa Bath’ is a method of bathing composed of a firewood-heated water blended with a variety of herbs. It dishes a revolving energy flow and soothing feeling for bathers who indulge in this traditional dipping practice common in Tibiao, Antique. The sweet aroma emanating from the plant leaves and flowers combined with the warm water brings a calming sensation to every part of your body.

… And a lot more for you to discover!

Other than these aforementioned things-to-do, the province of Antique still hides an armada of natural attractions ranging from towering karst peaks, rolling highlands, snaking caves to long stretches of beaches. Journeying to this part of Panay Island will truly reward travelers with a whole arsenal of adventure destinations starting from the mountains to the sea.

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