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Taste.Company | Travel Guide for Kids in Osaka

Travel Guide for Kids in Osaka

April 23, 2018 7:00 pm by Nina Tan

Traveling with kids is no joke. It’s definitely going to take more planning compared to when you’re traveling only with adults, or people your age. Shopping, sight-seeing and Michelin restaurants aren’t exactly on kids’ favorite things to do while abroad. When you plan a family trip make sure to give the kids what they’ll love and treasure in their memories forever.

The recent cherry blossom season brought a lot of tourists to Japan. Aside from Tokyo, Japan’s next popular city is Osaka, Here are some places in Osaka your kids will surely love to visit this summer.


1. Universal Studios Osaka


Obviously, this place needs to be ticked out of your must-sees when in Osaka.


Experience Universal Studios’ classic rides and the new ones as well

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyMinions all over! Don’t forget to experience the Despicable Me ride

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyUniversal Studios Osaka is also home to Harry Potter land, where kids (and adults) get a taste of what it’s like to be in J.K. Rowling’s famous piece

The Harry Potter ride is not one to be missed! It’s jam-packed with special effects that is sure to keep your adrenaline high and wanting more. Don’t forget to drop by the shop and purchase a wand or two of your favorite character, and test casting spells on objects around Harry Potter land (yes, if you purchase the “real” wands, they actually work “magic” on some objects found in the HP land). Grab some butter beer while strolling around the magical place too!

2. Osaka Aquarium



There is always a thrill in seeing life underwater. Sea creatures always spark joy and curiosity in our little ones but also adults can have a great time watching and exploring.

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyWalk right into this amazing aquarium Photo courtesy of 123RF.

The Osaka aquarium is popular for its whale sharks and sharks, and other sea creatures like stingrays, king crabs, jellyfish, penguins, and many more.

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyJust a preview of  what you’ll see inside the awe-inspiring place. Photo courtesy of  Imgur.

Several floors make up the aquarium. In one part, kids and adults are given the chance to “touch and pet” baby sharks safely as they are placed in a shallow tank. This is great for kids and adults alike!

Not far from Osaka is Nagoya where you’ll find two other places to take your kids to! If you want to explore cities nearby, this is a must visit!


3. Lego Land


Seriously, who doesn’t love Lego? I don’t think anyone has had a childhood without Lego.

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyBoy or girl, young or old, you know you love(d) these colorful building blocks

You will find yourself in pure nostalgia and feel magical in a land that’s built mainly and mostly out of Lego! The rides are super cool and yes, “everything is awesome!”  

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyCheck out these Lego fries when you grab a bite

The Lego submarine is a must-ride. Go under the sea and explore marine life in Lego form! Corals, fishes, seaweeds and more are all built with Lego. What’s even more amazing is they actually threw in real sea creatures in it too! Awesome, right? Check out Japan’s popular sites too in Lego style!

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyDotonbori – in Lego

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyThe famous sakura tree in Lego of course



4. Nabano no Sato – Winter Illumination


This place is a MUST-SEE especially during the cherry blossom season.

Witness an enormous park of Sakura and endless beds of tulips. If you want a full floral experience you must tour their glasshouse and be marveled by the beautiful blooms.

Sakura at night. Pink and white blooms.

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyTulips everywhere

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyEndless tulips and sakura

The place is also great to visit during the night because of the tunnel of lights that are found within the park. There is also a lightshow come nighttime.

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyOne of the two tunnel of lights found in the park

travel-guide-for-kids-in-osaka-taste-companyLights everywhere

The best time to see this place is during sunset until nighttime, to behold both the beauty of the flowers and the magic of the lightshow.

What are other kid-friendly places you’ve explored in Osaka? Let us know in the comments below!


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