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Taste.Company | Tips For Making the Most Out of Your Travels

Tips For Making the Most Out of Your Travels

May 13, 2018 7:00 pm by Kritzia Santos

Tip savers – Preparing Ahead

– Pack light – always check with the airline you booked your ticket with the kilos allowed for hand carry and if your ticket has check-in. Cheap airlines earn their money from this. Always check days before flying. This will save you a lot of money

– Luggage space savers – purchase vacuum plastic packs before leaving the country, this will help you when your luggage is more full when you started – this is a huge space save.

– Book your cross-country transportation ahead of time. Travel apps like Klook or KKDay offers cheaper van transfers from one city to the next. They also have options for them to pick you up in your hostel/hotel.

Booking.com and Agoda are the way to go! Download their app and watch out for special deals.

– Find out if water is clean and easy to access from the tap, you save a lot of money by this, bring a water container and have easy access to water all the time 

– Research on the kind of adaptor they use in the country of travel and bring it from home. Purchasing this is most likely more expensive than back home.

– If you will be staying for a few days, it would be good to research if the multiple days tickets for transportation would be cheaper than just getting day passes. 

– Wi-Fi: check out if the country has a lot of hotspots for Wi-Fi. Many countries already have public areas with Wi-Fi. If so, it would not be recommended to purchase one. But if you need to be reachable from home 24/7 avail of Wi-Fi hotspots or get a sim card from the country. Using your local phone internationally is usually a big expense. 



Be one with the Country of Destination

– Before going to any country take the time to research about their culture, history, mannerisms and practices. This will give you a deeper understanding of where you are going, and will understand better the people you will meet along the way.

– Learn at least five words that you can master, you will definitely see smiles on the faces of nationals when they see you making an effort trying to speak their language. 

– For the energetic; research on the free walking tours in the city and take it on the first day upon arrival. You’ll learn so much from the tour and can ask the tour guide for fab finds and good deals. As a way of saying thank you, give a good tip. 

– Take time to have conversations with the locals – they say, you meet the world through people, you will learn so much about the country of destination if you take the time to speak to strangers (in a non-freaky way of course) and listen and learn about their country through their stories and experiences.


Finding your way

Google Maps is usually the best way to go. You can download the map if you don’t have access to Internet. Another option would be, before leaving your accommodation, take screen shots of the map and the directions where you want to go for the day. 

When in doubt and you’re lost, always look if there is a nearby information office you can ask. If not, enter the nearest hotel. It always helps to ask people on the street, show them the address where you need to go and hopefully they use their smartphones to check Google Maps. 

Sometimes people will answer you out of good will but might give you the wrong directions; try asking another person if they don’t look too sure. 

Rome2rio would be another great app to use if you will be going to different countries nearby each other. The app will give you how long it will take, how much it costs and mode of transportation.


Have good companions to travel with

A lot of the travel also depends who you are travelling with. It is a make or break! Know whom you are travelling with! If it’s with family, family will always be family. But if you will be taking trips with friends or newfound friends… travelling together can make or break your relationships – get to know how your companions like to travel and be prepared to be flexible. I hear of travel stories with horror of companions, maybe it is just because they are not used to how one travels. So, first things, first: know who you are travelling with and their ‘ways of travel’ if it is not like yours, don’t punish yourself with days together, instead go with people you like travelling with, this makes a big difference as you travel.


Travelling has been one of the greatest joys at this day and age; everything is made so that it is easy to travel. Take the time to relax, enjoy everyday of the travels and bring home new experiences and learnings for your “happy memory bank” when you do return to the hustle and bustle of everyday life back home.

Happy Travels!


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