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Taste.Company | 5 Reasons Why Tinder is A Great Travel App

5 Reasons Why Tinder is A Great Travel App

June 9, 2017 7:00 pm by Marky Ramone Go

Mentioning ‘Tinder’ over a table conversation with friends always elicits mixed reactions. For most, the app only serves useful for dating purposes – but for a rising number of travelers, the Tinder app becomes more than just an avenue to find a hook-up or a romantic affiliation.

Like in all avenues of meeting people – similar to hanging out in single bars, the chances of meeting people you share similar interests with, are always a possibility. When traveling, Tinder becomes a medium where you can chance upon kindred souls, who will be more than willing to show you around and become a new friend on the road.


Lifestyle and Tech blogger Isa Rodriguez uses Tinder on the road in a wholesome and friendly manner. Photo courtesy of Isa Rodriguez FB page

This is where Tinder morphs from a dating / hook-up app to an effective travel app. Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why I use Tinder during my travels.

1. Get Travel Tips on the Go

Achieving matches on Tinder doesn’t always result into a face-to-face meeting because sometimes, your match might be in the middle of a busy work schedule. But since you are currently traveling in his/her city, you can easily ask your match for travel tips and advices. Just drop your Tinder match a message “Hey, I am here in Cebu City for a few days, what are the fun and can’t-miss things to do?”

Most of the time – as proud residents of the city you’re traveling to, they will be more than glad to give you a list of great recommendations.

 2. Seeing the Place from a Local Perspective

When you succeed through in setting up a meeting with your Tinder match, the better your travel plans will proceed because you will now have a local to show you around.


*Not an actual Tinder match photo*, but Isa’s travels usually ends up this fun and wacky each time she meets a local by using Tinder on her trips. Photo courtesy of Isa Rodriguez FB page

Lifestyle and travel blogger Isa Rodriguez shares another reason why she uses Tinder during her travels “The beauty of a place is always better told through the people who live there. Tinder is a great way to “taste the local flavor.” The app can connect you to locals in a non-tourist perspective, which in turn allows you to experience your destination in a more candid way. The dating platform allows for genuine connections not just with people but with each town, city, or country you’re visiting.”


I arrived solo in Mandalay, Myanmar but I left with a few new friends thanks to Tinder. Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

I remember using Tinder during my trip to Mandalay, Myanmar and from the few right swipes I made I was able to match with a Filipina expatriate working as an English teacher. We met up at a local bar she suggested and ordered some tasty local dishes I wouldn’t have known if I was dining on my own. Afterwards, along with a couple of her friends they took me to a karaoke joint frequented by locals. Because of that, I experienced a bit of the nightlife in their city.

 3. Instant Travel Buddy for the Solo Traveler You

Early in my Tinder use – when I was traveling solo to Sri Lanka I became curious at the types of people who used Tinder in that country. Without aiming to score a date because I was in a relationship at that time (I promise and cross my heart), I did a few right swipes and ended up matching with a Slovenian woman who was working in a hostel.

It turned out to be a perfect moment as I was currently in search for a cheap place to stay. She ended up accompanying me the next day on a tour of the historical sites in Dambulla and even took me to a nice hole-in-the-wall place frequented by locals and had ourselves a feast of sumptuous and spicy Sri Lankan cuisine.

4. It isn’t just for Singles


You can travel as a group and share trip expenses (not a Tinder pic). Photo courtesy: Detourista

Tinder recently launched a new feature that allows you and a friend to match with another group. In most cases this would translate to a group date in a bar. While traveling though, this can present an opportunity to meet another group and join them exploring a new place. Whether through a city tour, a guided hike in the mountains or an island hopping incursion. The best thing aside from meeting new friends on the road – you get to share the cost of the trip among yourselves as well, making your trip a lot cheaper.

5. Well, Having a Hook-up or Meeting the One isn’t a bad thing either (let’s be honest about that)


Consulting the map will lead you to your destination — Using Tinder? It may lead you to the one. Photo courtesy: Nomadic Experiences

Lastly, being served with what Tinder is originally meant to dish out isn’t a bad idea at all. Let us be straightforward, hooking-up with someone on the road brings another level of awesomeness in your travel experience – as a single person. Or better yet, meeting the one on the road through Tinder can be the best serendipitous moment ever. Imagine the story you will tell your future kids “I met your mom through a dating app, we met in person and went on a two month road trip in South America, settled in India and got married” – how’s that for an epic romantic tale?

These are just some of the reasons why Tinder can be a handy travel app. It shouldn’t be limited to dating purposes only. Our aim when we travel should always be to meet more people and discover more about the place. Meeting locals whether through personal interaction or through an initial virtual introduction, greatly elevates our travel experiences. Tinder may be a very useful travel app, but nothing beats personal communication, so try to be a friendlier person when you travel and who knows how many lifelong friends you might have before heading home. Let us know in the comments section if you have more reasons to share why Tinder is a handy-dandy travel app.


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