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Taste.Company | Summer Staycation Ideas for the Homebody

Summer Staycation Ideas for the Homebody

March 1, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

For most people, the sizzling summer sun can only mean one thing—the beach. While it’s undoubtedly a summer staple to have fun in the sun during this season, some people want to avoid the summer road rush altogether by staying at home. And who says being a homebody isn’t a good thing? You can not only save money and time, but you can also have as much fun and stay stress-free as if you were out on an off-site adventure. Here are just some of the most awesome summer staycation ideas that you can enjoy without leaving the comfort of your home!

  1. Unplug and put the outside world on hold.


The beauty of having a summer staycation is that you can pretty much chill all day at home without having to worry about the outside world. Say “no” to your alarm, sleep in, and be a total couch potato! Take the time to make your “out of office” message—or better yet, unplug and disconnect altogether. Set aside a specific period of time within the day where you turn off your cellphones, computers, and gadgets. Just enjoy the tranquillity that the absence of ringing phones and notification pings can bring—you will find that you can relax and be refreshed even more that way.

  1. Have a garage or yard sale.

There is nothing more liberating than de-cluttering your home. Getting rid of old and unwanted junk doesn’t mean that you need to throw everything away, however. Some of your stuff that have barely been used can still be of good use to other people, so why not hold a yard sale as part of your summer staycation? This productive activity will not only be fun and rewarding, but it will also help you earn a little extra moolah—now that’s not something you can do when you’re out of town!

  1. Go for a reading binge or a movie marathon.


With the rise of Netflix and all these streaming services, it’s easier than ever to sit yourself down in front of the TV and just binge the night away. Make sure all the snacks and drinks are within reach, settle in on your bed or your comfy couch, and indulge. You can also have a film festival theme if you want—this is the perfect opportunity to watch similarly themed movies in your little “home theater”. And if you’re not a movie buff, you can always set up your own cozy little reading corner. Simply fluff up a few pillows, bury yourself in a pile of freshly laundered blankets, and immerse yourself in a good read. Isn’t that the best way to travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home?

  1. Show off your crafty side.


Get creative! A summer staycation will not be complete without you getting in touch with your creative side. Have a project that you’ve been putting off for the longest time? Still haven’t put together that family album you’ve always wanted to make? Try out a simple project one weekend and start small. Involve the whole family if you want—an activity that involves the kids always guarantees a fun time. You can even try to create your very own family time capsule so that you can cherish and preserve your memories forever. And if you’re feeling a little studious, you can browse some free online courses and feed your hungry brain cells. Here are some ideas on where you can find digital learning at its best: http://taste.company/trends/digital-learning/. You can even make your own summer staycation soundtrack while you’re at it!

  1. Cook up a summer storm.


While summer food trips are all the rage right now, why not save a few bucks and make some gastronomic delights yourself? Summer always means you should know how to beat the heat, and you can do so by whipping up a refreshing drink or a cool treat. Check out these popular Filipino staples and how you can make them at home: https://faq.ph/top-filipino-foods-for-summer/. And if you really, really can’t help but take a quick trip to your local grocery store or ice cream shop for a sweet craving, here are some totally worth-it ideas to start! https://faq.ph/top-filipino-foods-for-summer/

  1. Catch up on your home exercises.


There’s no better time to focus on your health than when you’ve having yourself a little summer staycation. Have a fun AND healthy time at home by catching up on your home exercises, from doing some cardio up and down the stairs to laying out the yoga mat and getting down and dirty. You can follow some online yoga videos and develop a regular home practice, or if that’s not your thing, any household chore that can get your heart pumping is always good for your health.

  1. Call a professional.


Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little fancy service, right? If doing household chores isn’t your thing, remind yourself that even though you are at home, you’re still on vacation—and that means you can treat yourself every once in a while. Have some “room service” delivered by calling up your favourite takeout places, or stay fit and fab by availing of those healthy packed meal services every week. You can even ask someone else to do your cleaning for you! Here’s a list of the services you can hire around the metro: https://www.spot.ph/shopping/the-latest-shopping/70961/10-cleaning-services-metro-manila-a00023-20170802-lfrm2. Simply give them a call and your house will be spic-and-span in no time without you even lifting a single finger—you’re on a vacation, after all!

  1. Have a rockin’ summer staycation house party.


And because this is still a vacation, who says you can’t have a party with your gal pals and best buds? You can make like a little kid again by having a pajama party sleepover, or unleash your inner champion by hosting game night in the living room. You can lounge around with your fellow bookworms by having a book club discussion, or host a backyard barbecue or camping for the kids if you have the space. Best of all, you can invite all of these people who mean the most to you in the warmth of your home and have actual, physical, meaningful conversations with them—and that’s something no social media channel can replace.


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