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Taste.Company | Narvacan Outdoor and Adventure Hub, Ilocos Sur

Narvacan Outdoor and Adventure Hub, Ilocos Sur

April 8, 2017 7:00 pm by Marky Ramone Go

Adventure in this part of Ilocos Sur involves the varying rudiments of our planet; water, wind, earth and fire – making it the go-to place to quench that thirst for exploits of every thrill seekers yearning of things-to-do celebrating the grandiose beauty of Mother Earth.

Situated at the foot of the rolling slopes and the coastline of Narvacan in Ilocos Sur, exist a place called NOAH or Narvacan Outdoor Adventure Hub, which offers an exceptional blend of daring activities sure to elicit delight and excitement from anyone brave enough to up their adventure game.

After pitching your tent at the vast grounds of NOAH, it is time to kick-start your chase of thrilling escapades in the great outdoors by ticking off these exhilarating exploits.

1. ParaglidingTravel_Philippines_Narvacan4

Glide like a bird over the picturesque Narvacan
Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

Like a watchtower standing guard to the picturesque seas of Ilocos Sur, the Bantay Abot hill presents the ideal spot to take off and paraglide over the scenic rugged landscape of Narvacan. Because of the three kilometer stretch of Sulvec beach surrounding it, the wind breezing from the ocean wraps around the hill perfectly, most especially during mid-day to late afternoon – creating a perfect condition to glide over the sky and enjoy a paragliding experience to remember.

Note: There are several wind windows every day to fly and paragliding specialists consult accurate wind and weather forecast throughout the day. Tandem paragliding cost P2,500.

 2. Wind Surfing + Hobie Cat Sailing + Kite SurfingTravel_Philippines_Narvacan2

Trying your hands in learning hobie cat sailing is one of the must-do’s in NOAH
Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences


The gust at Sulvec beach blows seamlessly and consistent – making it the ideal spot to try and learn windsurfing, hobie cat sailing and kite surfing. A new level of stoke is achieved after one experiences sashaying over the waters in a polished manner, by teaming up with the bounteous wind.

Cost: Windsurfing activity + lessons (6 hours) will cost P2,500, P800 for hobie cat sailing with a pilot and beginner class, while windsurfing board rental is pegged at P800.

3. Scaling a Via Ferrata WallTravel_Philippines_Narvacan

Challenge yourself vertically and achieve a new high scaling at the Via Ferrata wall
Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

Flirt with verticality as you scale the first-ever full scale Via Ferrata climbing route in the Philippines. Known as the “Iron Way”, because it necessitates the use of steel cable and iron rungs firmly planted along the rock walls, which the climbers use to secure themselves, the Via Ferrata wall of Narvacan takes you on a scrambling and challenging 250 meter course – designed to provide non-stop adrenaline rush. Despite passing through a 100 feet vertical section of the route, no climbing experience is required and the only mandatory is the desire for adventure.

Cost: The whole Via Ferrata experience will cost you P800 including the Tyrolean traverse and the 520-meter zip line going back to camp.

 4. Off-road Buggy DrivingTravel_Philippines_Narvacan6

Wiggle your buggy over the fine sand dunes of NOAH
Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

Get your Mad Max game face on as you unleash your wild driving skills over the natural sand dunes of the long coastline of Narvacan. Spin, buckle and ride over the humps and circle the sharp turns of the buggy trail of NOAH, as you step on the gas and satisfy your need for speed.

Cost: P2,500 per Buggy vehicle (good for up to 5 persons)

 5. One-stop Adventure HavenTravel_Philippines_Narvacan5

To cap off all your Earthly adventure, shower and dine at the ARKO Restaurant and enjoy good food and drinks as you chill with your friends while you talk about all the exciting things you had done. NOAH definitely boasts of a one-stop adventure haven where one not only connects to nature, but also experiences the best it can offer.

Campsite fee: P150 per person (bring your own tent)

NOAH Facebook Page | Instagram


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