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Taste.Company | 5 Kid-Friendly Places to Travel to in the Philippines

5 Kid-Friendly Places to Travel to in the Philippines

October 31, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Photo courtesy of lifehacker.com.au

The holidays are coming and we suddenly have time to spend vacation with the family but before you get hooked at booking that seat sale going to any of the countries around Asia, why don’t we check out some kid-friendly local tourist spots in our country, shall we? Why go local? When we embrace local tourism, not only do we help local workers but we also help our children to appreciate who they are and what they call their own home. It is also a good spiritual exposure since the children come face to face with nature, where they will feel blessed and thankful for God’s creation. Providing new places and experiences has many benefits too for you and your child such as enhancing parent and child bonding, sparking a child’s imagination and making your child a people’s person. So are you ready? Let’s get started to help you book that next trip asap!

1. Davao

davao samal island

Photo courtesy of boylakwatsero.com

Davao is one of the safest provinces up to date, where you can hop from one destination to another via cab. A must-see is the Samal Island which is 10 minutes away from the town proper. From strolling in the park, making sandcastles in the beaches, biking in the mountains, to discovering the wildlife area, your child won’t definitely look for his iPad anytime soon!


2. Ilocos

ilocos norte vigan

Photo courtesy of travelerscouch.blogspot.com

Aside from Ilocos Norte known for its pristine beaches in Laoag City, do drop by in Vigan Ilocos Sur to introduce cultural heritage to your children. The place itself will teach kids about history through the houses, museums, paintings and even the food that the place offers. You can drive up in about 6 to 7 hours or a one-hour plane ride to Laoag then make arrangements to rent a car to bring you to Vigan. The best part is, you don’t need a whole week to enjoy — a Friday to Sunday trip will do.


3. Baguio

Photos courtesy of ourawesomeplanet.com and mommyloguesmanila.files.wordpress.com

Same with Ilocos, you can have a quick drive up the City of Pines thanks to TPLEX. We all just love the cold weather of this place paired up with some strawberry taho and corn, which are sold almost everywhere! Stop by Mount Cloud Bookshop where your kids can spend some time to browse through different books before deciding on the one they like the best. Unlike other bookstores where books are covered with plastic, the place encourages little bookworms to look around, lift every page of the book and even stay on small spots to just read, read and read.

Baguio wouldn’t be complete without strawberries! If you have more time in your hands, go to Trinidad Valley to do some strawberry picking where you can weigh, wash and eat those fresh picks right away! What a fun learning experience for the whole family.


4. Zoobic Safari, Subic Bay

zoobic safari

Photos courtesy of zoomanity.com.ph and globetotting.com

zoobic safari kid

We’ve mentioned the 8-Kid Approved Spots in Singapore where you may find fascinating zoos that will introduce hundreds of animals and species in one location. Worry not cause there’s no need to book a plane ticket anymore as we have our local Safari in Subic. Experience the major habitats for varied exotics that await during the mini-trekking experience. There’s also an edu-tainment animal show and parade during the weekends and holidays so better schedule and book your trip asap!

Rates may vary depending on the season. Check out their website to know more


5. Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa San Juan, La Union

la union kahuna resort

Photo courtesy of kahunaresort.com and thedatalife.com

la union kid

If the family has been busy from work and school commitments, then a saltwater therapy on a weekend is a must. We know Moms and Dads, it’s fun to bring the kids to the beach but it entails a lot of responsibilities too which is why finding a comfortable place to stay in near the beach should be a top priority. Check out this resort and have a restful weekend or challenge yourself and the kids with a surfing session.


Whether your traveling by land, water or air, it’s best to keep the following in mind:

1. Keep kids entertained.

Institute of Advanced Motrists (AM), a U.K. based organization revealed a study that children are the number one distraction for drivers. It is recommended to bring books or toys along with you to keep them busy.

2. Plan ahead of time.

The location may look nice but double check if they are kid-friendly too! You don’t want the kids to get bored which leaves you no choice but to pack up right away!

3. Pack light but pack the necessary

Make sure you have enough food, water, a medicine kit, and toiletries especially if you’ll be traveling for a long time.  Check out places too where your family can have a quick stopover to check on the condition of cars and if the kids are still a-OK.

4. Seatbelt is a must.

No need for explanation, always safety first.


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