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Taste.Company | Instagram Accounts that Are Sure to Fuel your Wanderlust

Instagram Accounts that Are Sure to Fuel your Wanderlust

May 21, 2017 7:00 pm by Bettina Bacani

For the great majority, traveling is considered a luxury. With all the responsibilities and obligations we have to fulfill everyday, we can’t just get up and travel the world. That’s why when I feel like I want to pack up and get away for a few days, I find myself turning to Instagram for some travel inspiration.

Here are some travel-inspired Instagram accounts that will fuel your wanderlust:

1. @thelakwatsero

Angel Juarez aka The Lakwatsero considers traveling “a personal journey to self-discovery.” He is an Information Technology Analyst on regular days, but on weekends and holidays, he’s often on the move, exploring underwater or new towns. He’s been blogging for over 10 years now and has been to places like Guam, Malaysia, Myanmar, and numerous local provinces to name a few. He believes that traveling isn’t just about learning new cultures, meeting new people or discovering new places, but it also lets us discover and learn more about ourselves. “After all, it is only from the outside that we can look back in.”


“Weekend in Japan” Indeed one of the most beautiful waterfalls! Shiraito Falls. #Fujinomiya #Shizuoka #Japan

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2. @obiemercado

Obie works as a Medical Sales Executive for a pharmaceutical company and a part time makeup artist. She enjoys going to the beach – her version of paradise – and always does it backpacking or camping style! She owns a blog called Ganernderlust, which by her definition, is “the relentless pursuit of HAPPINESS by wandering and exploring the world with a PURPOSE!” Wherever you go, and whatever you do, make sure you do something that will contribute in making this world a better place! Like making people happy and sharing positivity, conducting simple clean up drives or even recycling and reusing your waste consumption in your travels, volunteering on simple community activities etc. always do good and feel good! Simple acts of kindness can make a huge difference. She exhibits her love for travel on a daily basis through the world map tattoo on her back.

hot sun, blue sky, clear water and massive photobombing in paradise! 🌞

A post shared by Obie Mercado (@obiemercado) on

today was nice. drank 8 glasses of water. Saltwater. more than 8. aguuuy! 🙃🌊

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3. @erikaloca

Erika has been traveling pretty much her entire life. She is a marketing manager by profession who enjoys being around water a lot. Cities are as equally appealing to her though, as she likes visiting the landmarks, trying restaurants recommended by locals, figuring out and using the city’s public transportation system, and even makes it a point to check out spots that are off the beaten track. “It’s very eye opening, and it also makes you learn to appreciate nature and how much we should take care of it.  Traveling is not just about enjoying yourself, we should also be conscious of what mark we are leaving in the place we visited. I also enjoy meeting other travelers, sharing travel stories, and making new connections!  The best part is learning to look at things from other people’s perspective and also sharing your way of viewing the world.”

Sir, lifeguard reporting for duty sir. Charot 🙈👻 || 📷 @filipinoseatizen

A post shared by Erika L. (@erikaloca) on

14 hours til I get out of this toxic city and into the beach. YAAAS 🌊||📷@zantijimenez

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4. @detouristahq

Marcos Detourist is a full-time travel blogger from Iloilo. According to him, he founded his blog as a way of giving back to people and places that have inspired his path. He creates stories and tips on beautiful places to visit in Asia and beyond on his blog Detourista, but he especially loves going to hidden destinations and embarking on unique adventures. His blogging journey began in 2006 with ExploreIloilo.com and Ambot-ah.com – both of which have been remarked as top travel blogs and destination websites in the Philippines.

Under the Bali sun @alilaseminyak #WonderfulIndonesia #TripofWonders @indtravel

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❤️ Lake Seloton in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines 📷 by @iamreginegarcia #detourista

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The best moments are the unplanned ones that just happen but make your day perfect.

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5. @vernenciso / @verniecenciso

Lifestyle bloggers and authors Vern and Verniece are sisters who love to travel together. A lot of people mistake them for twins, but they’re actually a year apart in age. The girls share a blog called V♥V where they document all things travel, style, and beauty. It “aspires to inspire girls like you to live the life you only dream of having as we work very hard to make our little silly and big life dreams come true. It’s a blog that hopes to encourage you to get out of the four walls of your room and your comfort zones as you watch us scream our hearts out as we try things that scares us” Their travel mantra? Try what scares you, eat what’s weird, and know about the city by knowing its culture. I highly recommend scrolling through their accounts as their feeds are so beautifully curated with cohesive color schemes! ♥


Falling in love all over again with Paris ❤️😍

A post shared by Vern Enciso (@vernenciso) on

Seeing this beauty again in a few hours 😍 Paris, I cant wait to see you all decorated with flowers 🌸

A post shared by Vern Enciso (@vernenciso) on

Woke up missing Batanes 🌄 Happy Tuesday to you 😘

A post shared by Vern Enciso (@vernenciso) on



At my happiest when traveling 😄 Solo traveller tip: invest on a gadget that captures the best selfie quality like my #VivoV5Plus 📸❤️ Get a chance to win the @vivophil #VivoPerfectSelfieDuo contest and bring home 2 Vivo V5Plus’. Here’s how to join: 
1. Follow the Vivo Official Facebook Page and Instagram account (@vivophil) .
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3. Post it on your Facebook or Instagram page, along with the reason why you’re a perfect duo.
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The winning post will be chosen randomly. Entries are welcome until May 1!

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A post shared by Verniece Enciso (@verniecenciso) on


V&V Twinning: 

How would you wear it? Left or right? ❤️ Styled this @HM jumpsuit (php 2690) in 2 ways 👯 #hm30daysofspring

A post shared by Verniece Enciso (@verniecenciso) on

#Twinning in @hm spring lace dresses for day 2 of #HM30DaysofSpring 🌸 Lace Dress on me 2,990 php

A post shared by Vern Enciso (@vernenciso) on

I’ll follow wherever you go ❤️ www.vernverniece.com

A post shared by Verniece Enciso (@verniecenciso) on


6. @karlaroundtheworld

Taste.Company’s very own – Karla Ramos! Karla, who used to be a preschool teacher, now contributes and does marketing for our site as well as co-owns a hostel and runs her travel blog Karla Around the World. She travels a lot, whether it be alone or with friends, often going on spontaneous out-of-the-country trips and meeting people along the way. “I like meeting people, meeting locals, learning about their culture and trying out the food. Honestly, I learned more about life while traveling. It taught me to be more flexible, to adapt, to be sociable, and more. I also feel I’ve learned more about history while traveling than in books, plus I meet a wide array of people and most of them are inspiring.” Unlike other people, Karla doesn’t count the number of countries she has been to. She’d rather stay longer in a certain place. For her, it’s not just about seeing the touristy spots; it’s also about living with the locals and getting a feel of the country. She tells us that traveling alone isn’t as costly and as scary as one might think. “People are always willing to help. No matter where I was, there were always people who offered directions, helped me with my huge luggage, and offered a ride. While we were taught to be wary of scams and people who try to get one over you, I realized that some people are just kind.” Read Karla’s article 15 Lessons Traveling has Taught Me – it just might encourage you to go on your own adventure too.


Take me back to this moment . The #spa in #lamamounia is ❤️ #lamamounialife #marrakech #morroco

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Early morning in #lakelouise #alberta before #rockclimbing the #backofthelake with #yamnuska #wewandertoo

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