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Taste.Company | Best Travel Hacks: Google Maps Tips and Tricks

Best Travel Hacks: Google Maps Tips and Tricks

November 2, 2017 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos

Traveling to other places, the internet connection will not always be available or even data connections. If you normally depend on your “online apps” then you are doomed! How can you travel without your supposedly dependable mobile apps?

I wanted to share these tricks that I have found out using Google Maps. These tricks help me to survive my travel without using any internet connection, which is I’m finding really convenient.

If you haven’t heard of these tricks, then no need to worry. Here are the things that you need to do:

Step 1: Download Google Maps on your device

I actually tried to do this in my browser which is Google Chrome. Then I tap into Google, Maps, search for my desired location, however, there was no option for me to save it offline.

So, what I did, I downloaded the Google Maps app on my mobile. Sign in with my Google account and try to search the place again. Voila! The option appeared.

Step 2: Save your destination

Make sure that you are connected first on the internet. Once you have searched for the place that you want to be included in your offline maps, you need to click on the name of the location at the bottom of your screen.

It will pop-out another screen, on the upper right corner of your device; you will see 3 vertical dots, which you need to tap. After that, it will show you the option “Download Offline Map”.

googlemaps-tastecompanyThe app will allow you to zoom in and out which part you want to capture. Once you are set, just tap Save. Also, you can save numerous offline maps depend on the location or place that you want to visit.

NOTE: You can only save around 30 miles squared. Don’t worry. Google Maps will let you know if the size is already too big to be saved. And this will only save car routes hence you can still use this as a guide while walking around.

Step 3: Where to find my saved offline maps?

You just need to go back to the beginning screen of Google Maps, and then tap on the 3 vertical lines on the upper left corner of your screen. Tap on Offline Maps and there you will see all your offline maps that you have saved.

googlemaps-tastecompany3NOTE: Once you saved your offline maps, this will only be valid within 30 days. You may also update this after if you wish. Despite the offline map expired, everything that you have marked will show online.

It’s so easy, right? You just need to follow these 3 simple steps and you can have your handy offline maps.

Another great feature that helps me a lot is the Search Nearby feature of Google Maps. It’s easy to use and no need to be tech savvy on this one.

I love using this as it allows me to see all the establishments near the city or location that I plan to go. I can easily mark the places that I am interested in, like the restos that I can try out, cafes, and of course IG-worthy spots.

You can mark them and save it along with your offline map. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Search for the place you want to gogooglemaps-tastecompany6
  2. Or just tap the type of establishment you want to visit
  3. Select the place


  1. Save

googlemaps-tastecompany4After saving the place, you can put it on a list of “Want to go” or you can actually create your own list too. It’s like you can create your own itinerary for your travel. Again, you may save a lot of places that you wanted to visit or to be included on your list.


Another thing that I like about Google Maps, it allows you to save Your Timeline. This is where all the saved locations are found. I can easily remember my whereabouts and helps me recall my memory too.


Benefits from these tricks:

  • I can see the whole map in relation to the things that I wanted to see, it’s easier for me to have a list of places that I can visit in a day.
  • This can become handy if I ended up exploring areas which are not on my list. I can easily check on my map and get back on track.
  • At the same time, I can visit places that are marked on my map. For example, I decided to eat and it’s along the way, I can easily go there.
  • Even if you are offline, the blue dot will still move while you are walking and it will show your location, as this uses the GPS satellite, which I find very helpful for travelers like me.
  • This becomes my travel diary. I put a star on the places I enjoyed a lot; I can mark all memorable places, and take some photos of it. This way, I can recall what happened.

Since everything will still be saved even after it expires, this allows me to give accurate suggestions to people who ask me for advice on their travels. I’ll just open my Google Maps and check my timeline.

Additional tricks:

  • Zoomed in and out using one hand

I also found out this new trick from Google Maps is that you can zoom in and out the map without pinching the screen. All you have to do is double tap the screen, hold and slide up and down your fingers to zoom in and out the map.

  • Book a cab

I find it fascinating as I am not aware of this. I usually, use Uber app to book my ride or cab. This is very simple to use. Search on the location where you want to go and where you are coming.

Then right at the bottom of the two locations, you will see the fourth option as seen in the photo, just tap on that and it will show you the option that you can book a cab showing the price.


  • Share your location

Not good in giving directions? No worries. Google Maps got you covered. You can easily share your location with your family and friends either via email or text message. They will be given a detailed information how to get there.

googlemaps-tastecompany2Although the Book a Cab and Location sharing needs an internet connection for you to perform these tricks. Still, I find it helpful.

These tricks really help me a lot during my travel escapades, especially internet connection is not always available in the places I plan to visit. What I love the most is the Timeline feature, as this helps me to recall my memory and guide me in writing my blogs and articles.

I hope that these simple yet beneficial tricks can also guide you in using Google Maps and help you with your future travels.


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