Calataganda: A Floating House in Calatagan Batangas

February 1, 2017 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos
Calataganda, Batangas

When the knock out beauty of sunset and water intertwined at one spot, that is wrapped around by a manifold of trees and plants, Calatagan of Batangas will surely leave you in awe.

Calataganda, Batangas

Sunset view from the Floating House by Kay Dulay 

The municipality of Calatagan in Batangas has been prominent not only because of its astounding white beaches, but also for advocating coastal ecotourism in the country. The local inhabitants have learned long before the importance of environmental protection while promoting the scenic views of the city. They believe that environmental tourism is really possible and worthwhile.


Calatagan warmly promulgates the sustainable growth of flora and fauna and how they induce human life. Environmental public awareness and education are very important, according to kuya Jessie, the owner of Calataganda, who prides himself as a “bantay dagat” (watcher of the sea). For him, Calatagan is not just a stamping ground, nor a getaway choice, but a nature’s wonder that every generation must uphold.

In fact, he even started an environmental revolution in his coastal town apropos in the development of the coastal area. With his research, he has developed a wide comprehension of the significance of mangroves. He himself edifies the importance of mangrove growth in the area to his fellow-citizens so they stay away from the propensity of callousness.


Kuya Jessie has practiced keeping his eyes for everyone who dares to cut or harm the mangroves for so many years that people are already made to believe that cutting of mangroves is nothing but a shame. Everyone will talk about the person who has injured the salt tolerant trees, and that would be very shameful to their part.

Photo by Kay Dulay 

For the moment, kuya Jessie focuses on his current research on coral restoration. He firmly believes that dynamite fishing could do great harm to the habitat of marine animals. Besides this, solid waste management is also one of his goals to achieve.

The highlight of the city is the inspiring story of Calataganda which began when kuya Jessie’s parents arbitrated to live in a floating house just to secure their seaweed farms.  There were ample cases of pilfering during that particular time, so the family heeded the warnings.

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The highlight of the city is the inspiring story of Calataganda which began when kuya Jessie’s parents arbitrated to live in a floating house just to secure their seaweed farms.  There were ample cases of pilfering during that particular time, so the family heeded the warnings.


Putting up with that floating house was a great decision for kuya Jessie who has managed to make it profitable. He used to allow visitors to rent the floating house every summer, but now he has fully opened it to the public. For only P4,500 you can have an overnight stay inside Calataganda which can accommodate up to 12 persons.


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The floating house is surrounded by a diverse growth of mangrove plants, creating a serene and calming nightlife in the middle of the sea. Breathtaking views of the sunset and the sunrise are must-sees when you decide to sojourn here for a night. Plus, there are quite a few enjoyable activities you could do in the locale.

Island hopping, sand bars, diving, kayaking and stand up paddle boards are the best adventures for you if you want to experience the wining waters of the city. The fine white sand and calming sea of water are simply irresistible. Rates vary in each category, but they are totally worth the amount. After all, these will give you great memories to bring.

Furthermore, you can opt for a mangrove tour, kayaking and lessons if you really want to explore the most valuable attraction of the city. You will be amazed by how the people of Calatagan nurture mangrove plants. These kind of activities will teach you a lot about why environmental awareness is crucial.


In terms of food, they normally serve delicious local cuisine for only P200. What’s great about this is that they actually serve a lot and you can even have two meals for one order. The meal already includes rice, fish and vegetables. The Calatagan Danggit is totally scrumptious and one of the bests I’ve had. They also serve a super tasty Kapeng Barracco.

The city also organizes a ridge to reef approach from Batulao to Calatagan beach. This is another way of restoring the functions of the ecosystems. What’s more is the whale shark watching that awaits in Bagabas bay, but only from April to July. And although it is not so popular, you can actually swim with the dolphins.


View just before sunset, without filter.

Since the city voluntarily supports environmental tourism in the country, there are a lot of implementations in the coastal area such as educating the public. Environmental yearly forums for both high school and elementary individuals are sponsored by the local government and non-governmental organizations. Along with this, they organize Eco tours and invite speakers from different universities.

Another delightful fact about Calatagan is its explicit will to conserve energy by using solar power plant (1-8 pm) more frequently than a coal plant from Kalaka (9 am-12 nn). Heat from the sun can generate electricity and it is definitely renewable. It does not at all emit harmful greenhouse gasses.

Calatagan, Batangas

To know more about #Calataganda, you can visit their website or get in touch via mobile at (0920) 8026807 or (0917) 7321994 for inquiries.


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