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Taste.Company | Home Away From Home With Airbnb

Home Away From Home With Airbnb

July 14, 2017 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

One of the favourite pastimes of people all around the world is travelling and discovering new places to explore and enjoy. Meeting new people, destinations and cultures is exciting and staying in preferred locations like a “home away from home” makes for a great holiday.

This article will share about a popular way of how you can be a guest or a host if you have a space you would like to share to others and at the same time earn from it. We at Taste.Company interviewed different hosts and guests of Airbnb.  Read more about Airbnb

A host we interviewed who has had more than fifty guests for the past two years shared that Airbnb was a platform for them to share their guest house that was not used for a long time.

As Kristy from the Philippines shared, “Our family has a vacation house in Tagaytay that we don’t really get to use as much because of work pressures and family members vacationing and living abroad.

I used to think, how could we share our holiday home with others so that they could enjoy it too and the beautiful location in which it was situated? I knew about Airbnb  because we had booked holidays through them so I decided to check them out to decide whether to let our own holiday home through their agency.

Travel_airbnb6Imagine having meals facing the beautiful scenery of the Taal Volcano

To my surprise it was really easy to get started – just following three easy steps. In less than 30 minutes I had our property put up on their portal.”

Amazing how Airbnb is able to have a platform for hosts to share their space for others to enjoy.

The joy of providing hospitality and the opportunity to host and give your guests a great time is a privilege. Here are some ways hosts prepare for their guests.

Tommy, a host from the UK says the best thing for him is when you can decide exactly what you want to do.  “I like to ensure that the house is well organised, clean and tidy and in accordance with exactly what we have agreed to provide our guests. It is important that all rooms are ready for occupation, with beds made up and towels and toiletries provided. I also make sure there are some small surprises for all our guests”.

Sally, a host from Manila adds on that “Whenever possible, I welcome guests personally, with light refreshments, so that I can explain everything to them and answer their questions, not just about the house, but also about the locality too. If I am unavailable, our resident housekeeper and caretaker welcome them. I want all our guests to feel as welcome as I would like to feel and enjoy a great holiday.  I also give them my full contact details in case they need to contact me.”

Travel_airbnb4A cozy spot on top of a three-storey Airbnb home in Baguio

There are various ways of how hosts prepare for their guests and how they interact but because of the platform of how guests can review hosts after every visit, hosts really have to always give their very best hospitality.

But many times, most especially with the Filipino hosts, the joy of sharing themselves is what makes the hosting experience worth it. Kristy further shares:

“I have had wedding proposals, wedding preparations, family birthdays and anniversaries, office team outings,bonding sessions and so much more, and all this in our once  empty holiday  home. Being part of my guests’ enjoyment and/or celebrations, whatever the reason, makes my heart jump for joy, and to see how our home has contributed to their happiness makes everything worthwhile and so rewarding”.

Debbie, who is running a newly launched social enterprise is particularly thankful how hosting has helped give her extra income. She also shares how she is able to make life easier for her guests by finding the right place for their next ‘home.’ “I had a guest who went through days of looking for a place near her flight school while on a three course. She and her family were so relieved to find a place 10 minutes away the school by walking.”

Even if at most times the customer is satisfied, there have been negative experiences from both the host and guest, the beauty of booking through Airbnb is that both the guest and host has an insurance and 24 hour support from the Airbnb platform. Kristy shares, “Fortunately, complaints are few in number but whenever they do arise we research and resolve the problem as quickly as possible, apologise if it is our fault and compensate the guest, if appropriate, if not I ask the help of Airbnb to intervene.”

As Tommy further shares on difficult hosts “We always do our best to provide a high quality service and if anything goes wrong, we are committed to put it right as quickly as possible.  On one occasion a guest lost his temper for “no good reason” and became abusive.  He was not going to be satisfied whatever we did. We recognised he was the “exception” and refused to get down about it. Same perks as being a guest, if they do not like their host or home because of false advertising they can quickly coordinate with Airbnb and see how they can be compensated”.

Travel_airbnbCountless of Airbnb homes will make you wake up to nature at its finest

Airbnb has made the world a happier and smaller planet to live in by providing the opportunity to share homes with guests and hosts, often from other continents and countries.  Guests that even sometimes  become good friends.

Travel_airbnb5There are countless sceneries and memories that are made as both an Airbnb host and guest

Taste.Company would like to thank all our friends that shared their insights on their experience of hosting at Airbnb. Names have been changed for their privacy purposes.



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