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Taste.Company | 6 Adrenaline Pumping Adventure Must-Do’s With Dad

6 Adrenaline Pumping Adventure Must-Do’s With Dad

June 18, 2017 7:00 pm by Marky Ramone Go

Since Father’s day is just around the bend, now is the perfect time to start organizing that bonding trip that will channel back your old man’s zest for adventure. Fortunately, the Philippines doesn’t have any shortages of adventure destination and activities. From the air to the water to the mountains and even over lahar trail, a long list of thrilling action sports await that father-son, daddy-daughter and even a papa-mama tandem – who are all eager to relive an exciting exploit.

1. Paragliding at NOAH in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur

Travel_AdventuredwithDad5Feel the rush above the hills at NOAH. Photo courtesy: Nomadic Experiences

Glide over the scenic hills and ocean fronting the bounteous set of Nature at Narvacan Outdoor and Adventure Hub in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. A tandem paragliding ensures an experienced paragliding pilot will take you and your father on a flying experience of a lifetime.

Other activities at NOAH includes ATV driving, Kitesurfing, rock climbing and zipline.

You can read our feature about NOAH here


2. Canyoneering in Southern Cebu


Dare your dad to jump into the inviting natural pool of fresh water. Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

Scramble over rocks, float along a stream of crystal clear waters and the best of ‘em all – jump over a 20-foot waterfall. The series of waterfalls situated along the rivers in Alegria and Badian provides a challenging and exciting adventure that are sure to dish heaps of thrills.

Well-trained guides will make sure each activity is safe. Be sure to make a bet with your dad on who will take the fastest time in deciding to jump.


3. River Rafting in Cagayan de Oro


High Five and Paddle Up hard. Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

Ride a raft with your dad and thread through the numerous swirling rapids of Cagayan de Oro River and experience the unmatched ecstasy after you pass by all of it without turning over.

Turning over though isn’t that bad as sometimes, the well-trained guides will even force your raft to topsy over, so you will feel being inside the washing machine-like current for a couple of seconds. Make sure to make a ‘high five’ with your kayaks after your fun-filled river rafting session.


4. ATV Ride along the Mayon Volcano Trail in Legazpi, Albay


Get your ATV motor running over the scenic Mayon trail. Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

The frequent eruptions of Mayon Volcano in the past have carved an interesting landscape surrounding its world famous cone-shaped peak. Lava trails that were solidified through time – now serve as the playground of ATV motor freaks who love feeling the rush of riding over uneven slopes, against the backdrop of the scenic volcano. Racing with your father over this interesting ATV trail will definitely produce an adventure to remember.


5. Spelunking in Calbiga, Samar


Huge stalactite and stalagmite formations await adventurers inside Langun Cobingob Cave in Samar. Photo courtesy of Chasing Potatoes

This cave system reputed to be the largest in the Philippines stretches 7 kilometers long and supplies an almost unending sense of adventure. Spelunkers can also set up camp inside to experience that one of a kind cave dwelling while surrounded by stunning karst formations. If you want your father to experience a unique adventure, head out to the province of Samar and contact Trekplore the Adventures – the exclusive travel outfitter of this cave, which will provide you and your dad a memorable spelunking experience.


6. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Coron, Palawan


Where’s Nemo? They are everywhere here in the waters of Coron, Palawan. Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

World War II shipwrecks and a spectacular set of coral and marine life colors await underwater explorers in the waters of the Calamianes group of islands in Coron, Palawan. A day or two of island hopping around this area of Palawan shall take you to the most picturesque shores, lakes and lagoons. Venturing underwater instantly elevates your experience to notches higher, as the sight of the vigorous marine life will make you delight in sheer awe. A fun activity under the sun and the many creatures of the sea shall make every bonding time with your father an unforgettable one.

These are just a few worthy suggestions to take your father on an adventure trip. Of course, surfing in Baler, La Union, Siargao, Catanduanes and Bagasbas are awesome ideas as well. Same with hiking the mountains of Mount Pulag, Mount Apo and Mount Guiting Guiting in Romblon. The choices to experience exciting exploits with our parents are almost endless. We just have to realize that even with their advancing age, they may be still down for that dose of adventure anytime and anywhere.


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