72 Hours in Glasgow

September 13, 2017 12:00 am by Karla Ramos

Glasgow is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom. Being the largest city in Scotland, it is most famous for its architectural sophistication. If you have a limited time to tour Glasgow, but you are on a budget, then this is how you can make the best use of your time.


Day 1

A great way to tour Glasgow in one day is to take the subway rail pass and look at all the stops. It operates every day of the week. Tickets cost £4 and there are only 15 stops. People usually stop in each station and explore the surrounding area. This is perfect if you’ve only got a day or two.

Travel_Europe_Glasgow11You can check out the different stops and what to see around it here

Most of the museums in Glasgow are free to enter. This is your chance to see the art and architecture. Kelvingrove Art Museum is a good place to start. There’s no admission fee, and you can enter from 10am to 5pm on most days.

Travel_Europe_Glasgow6Kelvingrove Art Museum

The University of Glasgow is not too far off so this can be the next stop. The building itself is an architectural wonder, and the tour is also educational. You will enjoy the winding staircases and the long hallways. It is also one of the few universities with its own Museum.

Travel_Europe_GlasgowGlasgow University

The Hunterian Museum and art gallery is another stop that is free to enter. It is one of the oldest museums in town, and it has sections that appeal to the whole family. It is a favorite with kids. After this eventful morning, you can have lunch at the Hanoi Bike Shop. It is a Vietnamese restaurant that has bikes hanging from the ceiling. At this point, I was already craving for Asian food, so a good bowl of Pho was a perfect remedy.

Travel_Europe_Glasgow9Hanoi Bike Shop

The afternoon can be spent visiting the Botanical gardens with the glass houses. The park is a lovely place to unwind and see all the beautiful flowers.  There are lots of benches there, so if you want to just sit and take in all the greenery that would be good.  When you’re ready to go, you can have dinner at the Ubiquitous Chip restaurant. They feature a lot of Scottish bites as well as unique dishes like pigeon.  It can be pricey and you may need to reserve but it’s all worth it. Also, you can stroll through Ashton Lane and grab a drink. We went to Grosvenor on the 2nd floor. It was a really cool pub with great ambiance too.


If you want a more relaxed late afternoon tea, then you can visit the Hidden Lane Tea room — the place is really cute and then find something to eat in Finnieston.


Day 2

A walk around the Buchanan Street area is a great way to start the morning. Be sure to catch the city hall tour at 10:30 am. There are parts of the City hall where you can only go and visit with a guide. It’s a really pretty building, you just have to go. After your tour, visit the light house for a breathtakingly beautiful view of the city. While you are in the area, drop by the Museum of Art for some interesting collection.

Travel_Europe_Glasgow7By the time you get hungry, the Masala Twist will be open. It serves Indian food, but it only opens at 12 noon. They have affordable lunch sets and good food.

Travel_Europe_GlasgowIf you do not fear cemeteries, the Glasgow Necropolis is a great stop over. It has some beautiful sculptures and statues. You can learn a lot about war history while here. The Glasgow Cathedral is nearby, and it is also an excellent opportunity to see unique architecture.

Travel_Europe_Glasgow2Beer lovers are not left out because the Brew dog is there to meet their needs. It offers a range of Scottish beers as well as a few guest brands. The day would not be complete without some shopping which you can get done in the evening before supper. There are plenty of second-hand stores and outlet stores which offer rare but beautiful objects at fair prices.


Day 3

The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel is the place to go. It is like traveling back in time as most of the buildings and shops have retained their original look. The Tall Ship Museum offers a different kind of scenery as you learn the rich history of the ship. You can take all the time you want aboard because there is a coffee shop and a cinema. The souvenir gift shop has symbolic items that will remind you of your visit. You may choose to buy a guide book as a detailed reminder.

If you leave Glasgow without visiting the Willow Tea Rooms, then you will need to come back. This is a fantastic architectural masterpiece that has been preserved for generations. The interior has been redone to accommodate visitors. There are rooms available for groups and individuals. You can also enjoy their popular afternoon teas.


St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art is also worth visiting. This is the world’s only Museum that is dedicated purely to religion. It showcases religious artifacts and holds regular exhibitions to share on the topic.

Travel_Europe_Glasgow4Dedicate your last evening in Glasgow to strolling through the streets. The Victorian buildings have a magical look to them at night.

Travel_Europe_Glasgow3All in all, Glasgow is very rich in architecture and education. It would be a great trip for families, couples or even friends eager to learn. Did I mention that Glasgow University also resembles Hogwarts and Harry Potter? See, there is something for everyone and may I remind you again, it is FREE!  So, if you find yourself in Scotland, make sure to visit Glasgow.


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