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Taste.Company | 6 Travel Essentials for the Adventure Seeker in You

6 Travel Essentials for the Adventure Seeker in You

January 19, 2018 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

By Gelyka Ruth R. Dumaraos


Traveling more has always been one of the best resolutions come New Year. With easier access to booking flights and having an array of products and partners that help you achieve your travel goals, we bet 2018 is a year to say yes to new adventures.

Good thing there are a lot of products— from gadgets and gears to services like booking apps and tours companies—that cater to wanderlusts that many find it easier to hop on a plane and discover more.

Here is our top 6 recommendations you should add to your travel essentials for that hassle-free and enjoyable getaway:

1. Luggage covers

travel-essentials(Photo from www.wanderskye.com)

Being on the road can be a challenge when securing your belongings.  At WanderSkye, you can choose from an array of travel essentials—from luggage covers, backpack covers, and luggage belts—which keep your valuable things protected and safe. They also have neck pillows which double as a blanket for those long haul flights. These accessories boast of a number of creations from Filipino artists, with traveling as inspirations. This will definitely add more color to your boring luggage and backpacks. They have vintage-inspired luggages too!

2. Booking app


Photo from pexels.com

You need not stay up all night just to score those seat sales. Consider having a booking app which gives you the freedom to scour flights here and abroad at an affordable rate. Using a booking apps can also give you the edge when you’re looking for nice hotels that have great reviews. Traveloka provides reviews coming from real experiences of people.

3. All-in-one travel mat


Photo from Sidlan Facebook page

If you want to save space while traveling, then investing on a Sidlan is the best choice you’ll ever make. Sidlan, which means compartment, is an all-in-one travel mat. It can be a blanket for those cold chilly nights, a travel bag which stuffs all your things while roaming around, and a mat you can lounge on while bumming at the beach. How’s that for your money’s worth?

4. Duffel Bag

travel-essentialsPhoto from www.osprey.com

Whether you are traveling long term or having a day trip—with some camping and trekking activities included in your itinerary, having a duffel bag which is flexible on your changing activities is a must. Osprey’s Transporter Duffel Bag lets you have a spacious carry on with loads of compartments that can turn into a backpack. This lightweight and durable bag is for every individual who is always on the road.

5. Flask bottles

travel-essentialsPhoto from R.O.X Philippines Facebook page

Always keep yourself hydrated—whether you’re touring a city or trekking a mountain. Using a flask lets you contribute to saving the environment as you no longer have to buy plastic bottles in convenience stores. R.O.X Philippines’ Hydro Flask is a wide-mouth bottle with a flip lid. This flask is easy to carry around and comes in different colors too.

6. Travel Wallet


Photo from Jacinto and Lirio Facebook page

Tired of holding your bare passport and boarding pass all the time? Then having a passport and bills in one efficient and spacious holder is definitely what you need for a more organized 2018. Jacinto and Lirio’s travel wallet is a spacious holder featuring lots of compartments for your cards, your passport, bills, and more. You can also put your coins and a pen in it for those sudden notes. This one’s an investment especially if you don’t want to lose track of all your essential documents while traveling.


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