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Taste.Company | 9th Philippine Harvest Food Fair

9th Philippine Harvest Food Fair

June 16, 2018 4:29 pm by Karla Ramos

The Philippines has a wide array of locally grown and produced products from crops, spices, vegetables, up to fruits. With these gems, the Philippines may only need more venues where they can introduce and promote these products to its locals and foreign tourists.


The Philippine Harvest Food Fair is being held today at the Central Square Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. It has already started on June 14, 2018 (Thursday) and its last day will be on June 17, 2018 (Sunday).


The Department of Tourism (DOT), in collaboration with Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI Group) and Central Square, have been gathering the local agricultural entrepreneurs into one place through the events like the Philippine Harvest Food Fair.


The Philippine Harvest Food Fair is really not new. It was first held in May 2016.


The Philippine Harvest Food Fair puts the spotlight on the wealth of agricultural products coming from different regions in the Philippines and brings them within the radar of more consumers. Also, it aims to convert these consumers into visitors to some of our local agri-tourism farm sites.


It was then followed by 8 more editions in which with different themes. And, at some point our local entities have even successfully collaborated with foreign entities.


In its 9th edition, the Philippine Harvest Food Fair delivers to focus on different culinary regions in the Philippines. At least 40 agripreneurs showcases the locally produced and made products from different regions.


So, here are some of the featured products in the Food Fair that you may not want to miss:


Pili Nuts


The majority of Pili Nuts are coming from the Bicol Region. The Pili Nuts are not only made into candies but also alternatives to the common nut ingredients. And, of course, our very own agripreneurs are also up to serve us new cuisines and delicacies like the following:


  1. Wrapsody Pilinut Filled Pastry – This one is made of pili nuts sweetened with caramel and nicely wrapped with flaky filo.
  2. Ynut! Roasted Pilinut in Garlic with Chili
  3. Ynut! Roasted Pilinut with Seasalt
  4. Ynut! Roasted Pilinut with Salt and Pepper
  5. Ynut! Roasted Pilinut Glazed with Honey


Ice Cream with local flavors


Sapin Sapin from Sebastian

The Bicol Region is also known for serving up spicy hot dishes using Siling Labuyo. And, this Native Chili Pepper has even made it to their kitchen’s dessert station. The Siling Labuyo is used as the main ingredient in their ice cream.


In the Sebastian’s Ice Cream, they made some of our favorite Filipino delicacies into scoops of cold desserts. I loved these a lot. My personal favorites were the sapin-sapin with cheese and the combination of champorado and candied dilis (Anchovies) as well as the mango and bagoong (fermented fish) combination.


Locally-Produced Chocolate


  1. The Chocoliz offers ready to eat chocolate bars and ready to use cacao powder. Its chocolates are made from real and whole cacao nibs which are grown in Luzon. This is minimally processed and enriched with brown sugar.


  1. The Sikwate! boasts the chocolate tablet which is made from real cacao in the soils of San Isidro, Davao del Norte. Davao Del Norte is the largest cacao producers in Davao region.


  1. The Auro Chocolates offers ready-to-eat chocolate bars and other variant of chocolates for baking and cooking. Its raw beans were sourced from the local farmers in Davao.


  1. Theo & Philp Artisan Chocolates added the Davao’s cacao beans with new flavors. These local chocolates are mixed with other local farm products like Calamansi, Green Mango, Siling Labuyo. Its other unusual flavors are Turon and Adobo.


Fresh Mangoes


The Oro Verde Mango brings us fresh mangoes from Guimaras, Western Visayas. The Oro Verde Mango also owns one of the DOT-accredited agritourism farm sites that you need to try to check out.


Fruit Jam, Puso ng Saging and Laing


The Island Gems makes it convenient for consumers to enjoy the Philippines’ favorite fruit jam like macapuno and ube de pastillas as well as dishes like puso ng saging (banana blossoms) and Laing (mainly made with Taro leaves and coconut). The bottled jams and delicacies have a longer shelf life while retaining the quality of the products.


Locally made Scented Candles and Toiletry Sets


The Truest offers scented candles and toiletry sets locally made by the people of Leyte. Proceeds from the sale of their products will be used to provide portable solar lamps in the homes in secluded areas of Leyte.


Locally Crafted Spirits


The Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc. offers a huge selection of locally crafted liquors. They make their own version of various staple alcoholic beverages in different regions in the Philippines like Vigan Basi and San Juan Lambanog.


Then, they also blend using homegrown produce. One of these is the Paradise Rum Liqueur which is a premium aged rum mixed Philippine mango.


They also created the Amadeo Coffee Liqueur. This is a coffee-based liqueur that sourced the beans from Amadeo, Cavite.




The El Union Coffee is actually a coffee shop in San Juan, La Union, near the beach. And, is receiving good feedback from its customers. They are also open to accommodate request for your coffee supplies, business consultatation, or training.



Coconut Water and fresh Rootcrop Yacon


The Agripreneur Kajuayan delivers fresh and chilled Coconut Water and fresh Rootcrop Yacon directly to our doorstep. Both help detoxifies your body, help normalize blood pressure and has a high nutritional content.


Ginger Ale


The Standford Shaw is a Filipino-owned business serving up ginger ale.Ginger ale is sometimes referred to as Ginger beer. But, this is more of a ginger-based soda. Its alcohol content is really minimal and can barely even taste or feel.


Dalandan and Calamansi Extracts


VFC Condiments International Corp. is the manufacturer of the Willy Bee Dalandan (Szinkom Orange) and Calamansi (Native Lemon) Extracts, both enriched with honey. These make adding Dalandan or Calamansi flavors, as well as making juice or tea, more convenient for consumers. I couldn’t choose between the two as both were equally refreshing.


Cheese Products


Casa del Formaggio takes the Italian cheese products into the Philippines through Bacolod City, Negros Island. The cheese products are only inspired by Italian cheese products but are produced and processed in Bacolod City.


Danggit and Pusit


The Balangay’s Best provides high-quality and well-packed Papa Pusit (Dried Squid) and Darling Danggit (Dried Rabbit Fish). These are freshly caught and processed in Cebu.




Juan Longanisa is a one-stop shop for various staple longanisa (Spanish sausage) in the Philippines. The regions with their own versions of the longanisa include Vigan, Lucban, Tuguegarao, Calumpit, Cabanatuan, Cavite, Baguio, Batangas, Alaminos, Pampanga, Laog, and Cebu.


Mushroom Chicharon


The JA Lees Farms provides truly healthier chicharon snack options. Their chicarron snacks are made from mushrooms that are homegrown from Indang Cavite. The mushroom chicarron also comes in different flavors like original, barbeque, peri-peri, garlic, chili, and beef tapa.


Ready-to-cook Spices and Seasonings


  1. The Mama Sita’s is a brand of instant mixes and sauces that many of us are already familiar with. The brand aims to bring the Filipino flavors into anyone’s homes despite having lack of time and no access to our local ingredients.



  1. The Bad Boy Tikboy curates different hot sauce using mainly our locally produced spices and herbs. Since I love spice I really enjoyed this. But, I also liked the Chicaron ni Hudas. This one’s actually carabao cracklings with smoky and spicy flavor.Philippine-Harvest-Food-Fair


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