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Taste.Company | 5 Seafood Dishes That Will Have You Hooked on HOOK by Todd English

5 Seafood Dishes That Will Have You Hooked on HOOK by Todd English

May 11, 2017 7:00 pm by Gabriella Galvez

You know it’s Lent when restaurants start scrambling to offer seafood dishes on their menus in preparation for multiple requests from diners to “cut the meat” till Easter Sunday. But after taking a glance at the menu at HOOK by Todd English, you’ll be wishing Lent were all year round.

The latest addition to the family of restaurants under the FooDee Global Concepts umbrella, HOOK takes advantage of our country’s rich marine resources by serving up seafood in more ways than one. The success of the Raw Bar Station at Todd English Food Hall led the Dees to decide that the next step was obviously the opening of a seafood restaurant.

Kidd Tan-Dee, Assistant to the President (also known as the Wife, she jokingly adds) of FooDee Global Concepts, shares that the past four years has been a wonderful experience for her, her husband, and the rest of their team at FooDee. They definitely have tons of firsthand experience at finding out how much and how long people are willing to line up for a good meal: from the opening months of Todd English Food Hall in SM Aura, to the daily long lines in front of every Tim Ho Wan storefront around the Metro, to the lines of people lining up to “pay what they want” for a taste of Pound BGC’s burgers and sliders.

HOOK by Todd English is the newest resident on BGC’s Uptown Parade, located on the same lane as Salvatore Cuomo & Bar (whose namesake takes pride in serving up authentic Neapolitan Pizza), and Denny’s (only America’s favorite 24/7 diner in local shores!).

All three may be imports, but there’s no doubt HOOK lives up to the reputation of the world-famous chef it appears next to on the restaurant’s signboard, and we at Taste.Company have five reasons why. (Pun intended.)

 1. Seafood Platter 1: Oysters, Scallop Motoyaki, White Clams (P1500)Taste_Restaurants_Hook10

HOOK’s Seafood Platters are the Seafood lover’s dreams come true, and there’s six of them (three Raw, and the other three Cooked) and ordering Platter #1 should set you (and maybe three more people) off on the right foot.

HOOK’s oysters are sourced fresh from Aklan and are served on ice and accompanied by granitas of your choice, scallop motoyaki (scallop in mayonnaise with bits of cucumber) served in scallop shells, and white clams in vinegar served in small dishes is a symphony for the senses.

2. Seafood Platter 2: Mussels, Chilled Shrimp, Snapper & Apple Clam Ceviche (P2500)

Taste_Restaurants_Hook8If you’re not quite in the mood for oysters, then HOOK has a second platter that you might be interested in.

Mussels dressed in just enough cocktail sauce are practically begging to be popped into a waiting mouth sit beside some chilled shrimp (that you’ll be undressing with gusto), and last but not the least, the snapper sashimi (just look at the apple Sriracha decorating that lane of raw fish!) that comes with a bowl of clam ceviche should be enough to make you order another platter before you finish your first.

 3. Seafood Platter 3: Tuna Poke, Crab + Uni + Ikura, Salmon & Ginger Jam (P3500)

Taste_Restaurants_Hook9This platter may have the fewest members, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in QUALITY. The tuna poke is the perfect balance of umami, while the salmon is adorned with a dusting of ginger jam. This is the platter that you won’t regret ordering another one of.

Platter #3 includes a crab and uni slaw, but if you want what’s located in the crab shell in the photo above, then you better make sure not to leave HOOK without ordering the Crab + Uni + Ikura (which is found in the Poke section of the menu at P750), and a bowl of rice (so you can pour the fish all over it).

4. Miso-glazed Salmon with Couscous (P430)

Taste_Restaurants_Hook12The first three dishes were all raw, but that doesn’t mean HOOK doesn’t have cooked seafood on their menu. The miso-glazed salmon is partnered with a healthy helping of couscous. Don’t worry, they keep the crispy skin on the salmon so you can enjoy the crunch with every bite.

5. Salted Egg Prawn (P550)

Taste_Restaurants_Hook11With everyone and their neighbor offering a Salted Egg something nowadays, it would’ve been impossible if this dish hadn’t shown up on the menu, but it’s a welcome contender. The pieces of prawn lie on a bed of fried lettuce, and are as juicy and flavorful as they look in the photo.

Want only oysters? Then come for Happy Hour.Taste_Restaurants_Hook5

HOOK serves up $1 (P50!) oysters alongside their Unli Happy Hour (unlimited orders from their extensive drinks list for only P600!) everyday, first from 4-7pm, and then with a repeat at 10-12mn.

Got a group of 20 seafood lovers? Aside from their spacious first floor seating, HOOK has a second floor function room, available for private dining for up to 20pax.

Call +632-9602248 for reservations.

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