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Taste.Company | Healthy Picks For A Healthier You

Healthy Picks For A Healthier You

August 3, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

We’re halfway done with this year and we tell you, it’s not too late to break old habits. Since you promised to have a healthier you this year, why not do it slowly but surely? We give you some healthy alternatives that will not put you into cold turkey. After all, being healthy nowadays doesn’t necessarily mean “boring and tasteless”!

taste_healthy_picks8Photo courtesy of Super Scoops

 1. Super Scoops

Finally someone came up with a dessert that won’t leave us feeling guilty. Dairy-free, egg-free and refined sugar free sounds so super. Super Scoops Premium Vegan Ice Cream are locally made ice cream that are made from 100% plant-based ingredients.  It gives the same creamy and sweet taste of traditional ice cream but only with natural, unrefined, low glycemic coconut sap. Aside from being healthy, you get to support local coconut farmers who make these super desserts! What are you waiting for, dig in!



Photo courtesy of Down to Earth

2. Down to Earth

If you want healthy, then start with food choices that also eat healthy. Check out Down To Earth, a company dedicated to carry real food from real farmers. We love their grass-fed beef selection wherein cattles are fed with 100% local grasses. These grasses are essential in boosting the animal’s immune system keeping them healthier and happier. They are not treated with any antibiotics or hormones, which are commonly found from imported beef sold in the market. Check out their dairy, lamb, chicken products that are reasonably priced and you are in for a great deal when you buy in bulk!

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3. Grande Rice Bran Oil

Mindful eating begins when you choose to cook your food using healthier alternatives such as Grande Rice Bran Oil. Unlike other cooking oils, Grande Rice Bran Oil is 100% physically refined. It means that all the natural antioxidants and nutrients remain intact within the oil so there is no need to add nutritional additives in the process. It also has a high smoke point meaning you can fry, sear and sauté food without compromising its taste and preserving the food’s natural flavor. Similar to olive oil, it gets the best of both worlds of the premium and non-premium oils like canola, corn and coconut vegetable. Grande Rice Bran Oil can also be used as a salad dressing. It’s pretty much all-around. The work of this cooking oil doesn’t stop in the kitchen alone. With regular consumption, it helps develop a better cardiovascular health overall. It is hypoallergenic, rich in antioxidants that may help lower diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity that is definitely perfect for you, the whole family and even for those with medical conditions.

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taste_healthy_picks2Photo courtesy of Bliss Bowls

4. Bliss Bowls

Pam Basa-Siao, creator of Manila’s first smoothie bowl bar, is a mom turned entrepreneur, who also advocates healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. Perfect for those working out and those without the time to workout but still want to inject something healthy in their daily routine or for preggy moms out there who want to satisfy their sweet cravings! This superfood bowls are served with no ice and no artificial sugar added making it our best energy boosting go-to food.

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5. Pure Nectar Cold-Pressed Juice Bar

And if you’re really decided on switching to a healthier lifestyle, we challenge you to take a juice detox. We’re not talking about the regular juicer from your home, we’re talking about Pure Nectar, a cold-pressed juice bar that uses 14,000 lbs of pressure to extract all the flavor, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes from the fruits and vegetables. Choose from their juice samplers if you want to have a taste first and when you’re ready to commit, avail their Juice Cleanse Sets that offers 1-3 days of cleansing.

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Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is hard especially when a lot of temptations are there to welcome us – like drive thru’s, food parks and other sweets readily available in the market. But if you have the will and the mindset to change for the better, it wouldn’t hurt to consider these options we’ve collected for you. Afterall, none of them are boring and tasteless! Try them out and let us know which one makes the cut! Good luck!


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