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Taste.Company | Green Stevia – Support the Fight Against Diabetes

Green Stevia – Support the Fight Against Diabetes

January 25, 2017 7:00 pm by Marky Ramone Go

Like a thief in the night, diabetes sneaks at every household in the country and in turn, ransacks the life out of at least one in every eight Filipinos. According to a recent study by TDS (The Diabetes Store) —the country’s first one-stop-shop for all things relating to the disease; “Diabetes is the eighth leading cause of mortality.” It also notes that “500 Filipinos add to the demographic daily. While there are an estimated 4 million diagnosed patients, some 4.2 million are undiagnosed.”health-greenstevia4

The International Diabetes Foundation further states; “The Philippines is one of the world’s emerging diabetes hotspots. Ranked in the top 15 in the world for diabetes prevalence. In 2010, there were 309,000 deaths related to non-communicable chronic diseases, including diabetes. Approximately a quarter of these deaths were people of working age.”

As the battle against diabetes ranges on, a few companies are engaging in finding alternative ways to help and reshape the over-all lifestyle of Filipinos. This includes eating healthy food – and as the pharmaceutical company of GX International, Inc., achieved recently, also includes bringing into the market, a natural sugar substitute called ‘Green Stevia’

Enter Green Stevia – A Healthy Substitute to Sugar

GREEN STEVIA is a natural sugar substitute sourced from the plant Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni,  a shrub and herb that originated from South and Central America. Producing the same sweet quality of a traditional sugar, it has been widely used in Brazil and Paraguay for many centuries because it has been proven as a healthier substitute to sugar. The extract of Stevia leaves -which produces 70 – 400 times sweeter than sugar, produces no effect on the human’s blood glucose level, making it the ideal sweetener agent for diabetic patients and the health buffs who want to avoid diabetes.

GX International Brand Manager Michelle Estrada further explains; “Stevia was labeled by the WHO/FAO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) as a product safe for human consumption. Stevia is differently healthy because it has zero effect on blood glucose level which means a sweeter life for diabetic, zero effect on calories hence a lighter life for the weight/health conscious, and lastly zero fat and zero sodium therefore a healthier heart for hypertensive people. Unlike coco sugars and chemically made artificial sweeteners, GREEN STEVIA is definitely a healthy substitute to sugar. It is also widely used in baking and cooking. This is why we are proposing the use of GREEN STEVIA for your healthy breads targeting the health conscious and weight watchers.

Every step has been taken to ensure the sweetness of GREEN STEVIA. The leaves are meticulously handpicked from our plantation and delivered straight to the purifying plant to optimize freshness. There are no chemicals added in the plant and in the extraction up to the final stage of processing the product.”

TrueTea Iced Tea – A Healthier Tea-Based Drink Sweetened Naturally with Stevia

The next logical step to do after the introduction of Green Stevia in the market is to tandem it with another healthy drink such as tea or iced tea in order to provide drinkers with a healthier alternative to iced drinks that still uses the conventional diabetes-causing sugar.health-greenstevia5

TrueTea Iced Tea uses Green Stevia as its sweetener

Michelle Estrada explains that TrueTea Iced Tea “has no sugar added and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. Good news for diabetics, health conscious individuals, and people who are conscious about their sugar intake because with TrueTea, they can now enjoy their iced tea true to the last drop without the worries. TrueTea is also packed with Vitamin C which also helps to strengthen your immune system to fight diseases and infections.”

Fighting Diabetes with Alternative Sweets

The use of Stevia Green isn’t limited to drinks alone. During the launch of Green Stevia in Tagaytay, we were served an array of dishes and desserts sweetened by Green Stevia. Imagine biting a mouthful of sugar-less Cheesecake but you can still taste the same sweetness you’re used to? Possible? Yes it is. Because the commissioned chef of the night, Luigi Muhlach, used Green Stevia in sweetening the cheesecake and the other dishes that would normally require conventional sugar. The result is getting the same sweetness of sugar at no health cost for the consumers – all thanks to the natural sweetener provided by Green Stevia.health-greenstevia2

Lifestyle blogger Aisa Ipac shows off the Stevia Cheesecake sweetened with Green Stevia. Photo courtesy of Aisa Ipac

This just shows that Green Stevia can really take the place of sugar, not only in beverages but also in other dishes and sweet desserts. The further we substitute sugar with Green Stevia, the more we promote the battle against diabetes.

The more we apply alternative means such as the use of the natural sugar substitute, Green Stevia, the more we help in the fight against diabetes. Support brands that advocate for the improvement of health – not only of Filipinos – but also of everyone all over the world because diabetes is a worldwide concern that should be addressed as soon as possible. Thanks to these unconventional yet effective natural options sourced from the gifts of nature itself, we can take this fight head on and have a shot at winning the war against diabetes.

Green Stevia and TrueTea Iced Tea is now available at all leading supermarkets.

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