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Taste.Company | A Healthy Diet Delivery Guide

A Healthy Diet Delivery Guide

March 10, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Healthy meal plans have become popular to Filipinos who are not only trying to get fit, but also those who live a fast-paced lifestyle that can’t afford to prepare home cooked meals daily. Tempted to avail one but not fully convinced on which one to try? We road tested five of the most in-demand healthy diet delivery services in the metro. From budget-friendly to diet plans that cater to your specific health conditions, we’ve got you covered.

What’s common with all the healthy diet plans?

  • They promise to help you lose at least two pounds in five days
  • They have a team – chefs, nutritionists and meal consultants who work hand in hand to produce healthy and delicious meals weekly
  • They help you choose a program tailor fit to your lifestyle. Most of the time, they recommend a 1200-1500 calorie count meal plan
  • They provide three meals, two snacks, plus tea or coffee
  • Meals are packed in microwavable containers, properly labeled as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, To Heat or To Chill
  • You can opt to have your meal delivered in the evening or early morning, right at your doorstep


1. Diet Buddy PH

The easiest to transact with during order placement, they pride themselves for their meals that are designed to make dieting less intimidating. They let you enjoy the meals while achieving your target weight. Our personal favorites – Pork Estofado with Organic Rice and Kani Ciabatta Melt! Diet Buddy lives up to its name as it works as your best buddy, making sure that you get the best without having to sacrifice the quality of food. We don’t know what’s the magic behind their meals but we guarantee you that you’ll have less cravings and eat in smaller portions but still feel full after the five-day program.

What we love: Aside from being the most affordable among the diet deliveries, we love that they take the effort to send daily text messages listing down the menu for the day and healthy tips to follow while on the program.

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2. Delicious Diet

Amongst all the diet deliveries we tried, DD was the most generous when it comes to their serving size. The unique breakfast selection, like the Oat & Quinoa Coconut Porridge with Banana and Wheat and Bread Pudding with Fruits and Vanilla Sauce may change the way you look at plain oats and pudding because they were totally filling and delicious.

What we love: The best part with DD is that they don’t deprive you from having your daily dose of sweets like their Double Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt, S’mores bar and Calamansi muffin for snacks… Yum! Think of it as a reward for a job well done on being able to stick with your diet plan.

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3. Pickle PH

Love at first bite! Their Claypot Chicken Rice for breakfast already won our heart. Not only was it tasty, it’s something that we didn’t expect to enjoy as a breakfast meal but it actually worked. Watch out for this brand, as they know how to make unique menu combination. Choose from the basic, premium and low-carb high-protein meal plans depending on the one that best suits your lifestyle.

What we love: Their premium package comes with all-natural cold pressed juice. A mix of fruits, veggies and herbs that makes a refreshing drink with just enough sweetness to give you that extra boost you need throughout the day.

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4. Yummy Diet

Started in 2013, Yummy Diet offers Low-Calorie, Low-Carb High-Protein and Gold-Press juicing. They promise to create a meal plan which will give you a taste of the dishes you used to enjoy from your favorite resto’s — Italian, Chinese and of course Filipino to name a few. At the start of your diet week, they will provide you a Yummy Diet kit, which includes aluminum utensils, tea bags, coffee, and Stevia (sugar alternative) good for the entire five days. Choose to subscribe from their packages or they can also modify the menu according to your preference for a fee.

What we love: They will give you the exact calorie count for every meal they serve. You’ll be surprised that you’re enjoying a hearty meal even on a low-calorie diet. Imagine Chicken, Sausage and Pepper Skewers with brown rice for lunch. It may feel like you’re stuffing yourself but it’s only 330 calories and we can’t even finish the meal in one sitting. Talk about sulit!

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5. Diet Diva

This diet delivery service works under the principle of a 1200-calorie meal plan that promises to provide nutritious, well-balanced food without going on starvation mode. They take home cooked meals to the next level by making sure it is properly portioned but still delicious and filling because they believe dieting doesn’t have to be boring! No wonder it was awarded as The Most Outstanding Healthy Diet Services Provider of 2014.

What we love: Their meals feel so homey that it doesn’t feel like you’re dieting at all! The Diva Pinoy Salad consists of Adobo flakes, mangoes and salted egg — heck, even someone who’s not into greens will enjoy it! And who would have thought that our all time favorite Filipino dish, Gising-gising, can also be a part of a diet plan?

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+63917-703-DIVA (3482)


We hope we got you all excited and helped you narrow down your options. But before going on a diet, know these tips based from what worked for us to get the most out of your diet experience:

1.Prepare days ahead before the week of your diet

You might feel hungrier than ever during the first two days of your diet so it’s better to prepare days ahead by eating lighter and smaller meals. This helps your body adjust instead of suddenly depriving it from the amount of food it has been used to.

2. Go easy on the workout

Diet becomes more effective when you exercise but make sure not to do heavy exercises, as you might feel dizzy. Since you’re on a diet, you might feel a little weaker than usual so pace yourself and listen to your body. If you think you can’t do your usual session, cut it in half and make sure you load up with water.

3. Stick to the diet

It may be tempting to grab a small snack from your pantry. But if you really want to achieve your desired weight before summer time, then it’s best to keep your eyes away from those sweets or bag of chips, and pay attention to healthy choices only.

*All images courtesy of Kat Castañeda


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