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Taste.Company | Cocoro Sugar: The Answer to A Healthy Sweet Tooth

Cocoro Sugar: The Answer to A Healthy Sweet Tooth

March 12, 2017 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos

It’s not surprising that Jamie Lao, the founder of Cocoro started a business of Coconut sugar.  She comes from a family who loves sweets, in fact, she herself proclaims that she loves to eat sweets but is obsessed about keeping things healthy. She mentioned that diabetes runs in the family and that inspired her to pursue creating products that solves both her loves for sweets and healthy obsessions.taste-healthylving-cocorosugar5

Cocoro Sugar

It was Lao’s aunt who introduced her to coconut sugar, however, she claims that it had a pungent smell and it wasn’t that enticing to use in the products that she baked. That became  Lao’s motivation: to produce coconut sugar that can be mixed her with baked goods. With the help of her friend who happens to be a Food Tech, they discovered how they could make Dark Caramel and Ivory Organic Cocoro Sugar and eventually, they had a breakthrough. Through this development, they now had something to offer bakers, chefs and healthy homemakers to help them be more productive in their line of work. Cocoro is very versatile and it’s almost like brown and white sugar, but healthier.

Cocoro has a lot of benefits and is a great ingredient for enhancing flavors. It’s just like sugar but better, because it sweetens without overpowering. It is used to give life to subtle flavors that you want to highlight.  A good example of this is Lao’s product that they sell in Salcedo Market, the Cerveza Chocolate Cake. She describes it as having very light flavors but when mixed with brown sugar, the flavor disappears. With Dark Caramel Cocoro sugar, the cerveza flavor stood out. For a baker like her, it’s definitely important to have that.taste-healthylving-cocorosugar4

Cooking with Cocorotaste-healthylving-cocorosugar2

The people behind the baking

Another benefit of Cocoro is that it works better with children and diabetics because it has low gycimic index therefore, it doesn’t give the phenomena we better know as sugar-rush and sugar crash. Now, wouldn’t you want to let your child enjoy some sweets without having to deal with chasing a hyper active child all over after? Cocoro is also a good alternative for diabetics.taste-healthylving-cocorosugar6

Cocoro not only aims to become a household name, one that you can find on every dining table and every kitchen but it also wants to open its doors for children needing education. Right now, Cocoro strives to give back by helping Filipino farming communities and locals who cook the sugar for them. They have directly created jobs and provided a means of livelihood for the ladies who help them cook sugar. They want to provide a sustainable product sourced from them in order to make a difference in their lives. Lao claims that her dream was to try to give back opportunities to others in small villages so that they, in turn can have a better lifestyle.

Cocoro can be purchased in Salcedo Market every Saturday, Landmark Makati, Trinoma, Robinsons Supermarkets, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Earth Kitchen, and Pop’s Candy Store.

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