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Taste.Company | Add Color and Nostalgia to Life with Pinta PH

Add Color and Nostalgia to Life with Pinta PH

May 1, 2017 12:09 am by Katrina Castaneda

Pinta PH is a startup business that principally aims to create tools and artisanal paints from Philippine resources by Filipinos, for Filipinos. Like all things, it started with a question, How do you actually make watercolor? “As a visual artist myself, I’ve never actually made paints before and curiosity sparked a great deal of interest in me to do a lot of reading and research in hope of creating a more holistic experience of art-making. When the question was answered, another came up- How come there are no local paints in the Philippines? Pinta PH is my answer to this.

At first, I was aiming to create paints for personal use only but I knew that a lot of people would want to experience painting with watercolors made with local raw materials so I decided to make them commercially available. Right now, we’re in the process of navigating our way to making them available for online purchase. Now we want to encourage people to support local as well as hand-made because this helps us understand the value of little things”, explained Kat Gosiengfiao, visual artist and brand owner. “Processing raw materials takes tons of hours- form grinding, sifting, mixing, and mulling. Different rocks or organic materials have different characteristics so we really take the time to create individualized recipes per color. We go through a lot of trial and error in every process but the amount of support and interest from various people keep us going.”

Pinta PH’s Local Color line has three colors and will be producing more in the near future. The pigments from these hand-made watercolors are made from rocks, soil and organic materials. Colors include Bataan Brown, from select reddish rocks from Bataan. Uling, from coal that we buy from local stores and Sta. Rosa Ochre from light-yellow-brown rocks and soil from Sta. Rosa, Laguna at a dig-site near a developing part of the city.

Pinta PH is the only source of earth watercolors in the Philippines. “We create a personal experience with clients by introducing and describing the individual paints as much as possible so that each color’s origin resonates to them. Some of our clients take delight in the fact that our paints are made with materials from their hometown and that is exactly what we want- bridging the people to places and making them feel a sense of nostalgia, familiarity and a better appreciation of the materials,” Gosiengfiao proudly said.

And because they outsourced most of their materials locally, part of their priority is to give back to the local community as well. “We will facilitate an outreach activity for kids this summer using the proceeds from our first ever sale when we did a pop-up store in a Handmade-Watercolor Fair by Life After Breakfast. Another project lined up is adopting a nearby community connected to our parish in Sta. Rosa City. I think it’s only befitting that we support local communities to share our blessings in our journey”, explained Gosiengfiao.socialresponsibility_pintaPH3

Gosiengfiao also believes that the brand has a colorful journey ahead. “I would like to think that instead of a dream, this is more like a prophecy: that in the years to come, Pinta PH will be an established brand that provides a wide range of colors and materials for both local and international clients. It will be partnered with communities in proving that abundance of talent, skill, and resources of the Philippines will be internationally competitive. We will continuously support the Philippine art community and local tourism through our art.”


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