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Taste.Company | Evergreen & Co.: Purchase For A Purpose and A Cause

Evergreen & Co.: Purchase For A Purpose and A Cause

March 21, 2017 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos
Evergreen Cover

Having three angels exuberantly residing in the same home, everything seems to be complete. Spending every day showing such uncontainable joy indulging with the presence of each other, being parents could never be satisfying enough.

But, when Huey, Marielle and Emil’s son, had acute skin asthma during his first year, tables have turned on what once have been thought of as a perfect situation. In response, Evergreen & Co.’s Owner- the father of three little boys, Emil Ramos, has let the table turn around; but towards him.Evergreenmissions-(8)

(We help you breathe in the good and keep out the bad. Evergreen products are void of optical brighteners, synthetic fragrances and other harsh chemicals and irritants. Ideal for babies and adults with skin asthma and other skin disorders.)

Right after the awareness on their baby’s issue, the company’s owner knew he had to do something. This ignited him to go all the way for the search of what would best aid their baby boy’s skin issue.

‘Let the adventure begin, for my son’– then served as the impelling factor for a father, whom alike all the others, with an adequacy to the absolute love he’s holding upon inside, vigorously desires only the best for his angel.Evergreenmissions-(7)

(Evergreen cleaners contains extracts and essences derived from fruits and plants. Unlike industrial grade detergents that kills everything it comes in contact with, our cleaners target bad bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals and carcinogens.)

Considering the fragility of Huey’s skin, along with his beloved wife, have tried to resolve the issue through the use of natural remedies. Thereafter, everything went fine- until rashes would then appear again… and again and again and- you already know it.

Being totally alarmed and rigorously disturbed, they have been reminded by the doctor that applying all these ointments and crèmes would best be after a bath, basically because it is when the pores are still open. Right after that statement, a significant inquiry has hit the both of them, like a resounding noise of a gong, being dug deep in into their consciousness ‘it is when pores of the body are still open.’

Thereafter, the two have suddenly realized that if their baby’s pores are open within those moments, then affixed is the fact that what’s on Huey’s clothing (residues of detergents and other cleaners used) – right after bathing, would drastically be a probable factor both on the problem and the possible solution they all along have been seeking for.

The resolution for the inquiry went on, and the facts that they have discovered? – are facts that could never be of anything worse.

“…exposure ranged from nausea, headaches to allergies, hormonal imbalances in humans and pets, to infertility, birth defects, and cancer.”

What rightful response then there must be? When you’re such a loving parent, and you know you need and you certainly ‘can’ do something about it- what anything else just in order to resolve this issue would hold you back? Definitely, nothing. Not even the need to have the product be created by your own, just because what the market offers are all as harmful as they could ever be.

With another step forward upon the pursuance of the calling to make a change, a need for a market revolution has been prompted to be started by this parent. As they have used natural and green products with their personal care and home cleaning products, they have witnessed the biggest change they have ever observed within their kids, in their environment- except their surroundings being notably more sustainable and utterly healthier. A change in which they want, and they know that indeed, they need to share with the world- and that’s where Evergreen & Co.’s unwavering purpose have been built upon.Evergreen Cover

(Evergreen products have a sustainable cradle to grave life cycle. Proven to detoxify residential septic tanks and help reduce methane levels, our products biodegrade without significant negative impact on the environment.)

Aligned with this, the company’s imposing and awe-inspiring purpose has been substantially fortified as they marked upon themselves the need to aim for ‘making home cleaning fun, safer and sustainable to ourselves and the planet’ as their mission- identifying both who they are and what movement the products want to convey worldwide, in a non-conventional yet most effectively passionate way possible.

Thoroughly pushed by the idea of how harmful various cleaners can be, Evergreen cleaners and detergents, through the use of natural extracts and essences derived from fruits and plants combined with highly effective cleaning agents and odor eliminating enzymes, have been cautiously made. With these products being significantly distinguished due to its used ingredients, they specifically kill only the bad bacteria and the other catch? Unlike industrial grade detergents, Evergreen’s products are totally free of toxic chemicals and carcinogens; eliminating all potential life-threatening harms those products you usually use possess.Evergreenmissions-(4)

(Modern Moms know that loads of bubbles and suds do not equate to safe and thorough cleaning. Evergreen products are highly concentrated as well as easy to use and are made to be diluted with water and used sparingly.)

On the other side, although most of the families until now still lack awareness on the probable effects of their used detergents and cleaners, Evergreen & Co. still unshakably paves all the way upon the achievement of their mission.

Knowing that in the realm of the monetarily-fused world called business, the purposive rule in which is what’s treated as the norm’s expectation: going into a business venture equates to the collection of that one thing every businessman attaches themselves greatly with- basically, that’s profit; without profit, ‘business’ isn’t a business at all. From that being the so-called norm, business students nowadays, if asked the same question, would bear the same answer, nonetheless, it’s how business is usually defined.

Despite this, across the marginal line along the business’ description, do you know that there are businesses that are not built on the foundation of not being ‘profit-oriented’? “Then what could possibly be motivating them to go through all the hassles of business without financially yielding?” Well, let’s just say that it too, is for the pursuance of something ‘valuable’. But this time, profit on the form of money isn’t what’s on the center stage.Evergreenmissions-(1)

(Our All-purpose Solution, Evergreen Laundry Detergent and Dish-wash remove tough dirt, stains, grease and grime while killing pathogenic micro-organisms such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Aureus, and other harmful bacteria.)

And Evergreen, with their program entitled #Spreadthegoodness, as indispensable as it is to say, is a vivid proof of the said existence. Besides from the fact that they are stimulated right from the start with the aim to help others, still, with the money that they are making, this enterprise steadily upholds such unimaginable concern for others.

So, what’s this #Spreadthegoodness really is about? For every purchased Evergreen Essentials Bundle that would be shipped for ‘free’, another bundle in which they call as “Evergift” would be given to families of hardworking and ever-persevering fishermen, divers, tourist guides and other marginalized Filipino families living along our country’s coastal shores such as Islands in Coron Palawan, beaches in Zambales and Batangas and Malapascua Bay in Cebu.

These households have been chosen due to the fact that they are receiving the lowest of income in an already ‘third world country’ which serves as the root for them, barely sustaining the attainment of their everyday needs. For every bundle bought, Evergreen would be giving these families an alternative to their used ‘can-afford’ industrial type cleaners which are ordinarily unbranded and unregulated cleaners that can usually be bought on local markets. Alternatives in which would assure them safety and noticeable betterment within their health.Evergreenmissions-(2)

(Here at Evergreen, we know that you have the power to change the world. To change your loved one’s lives, to change and better the quality of life for others, and to change what many might think is unchangeable and impossible. We know how strong you are. Be a part time Evergreen Sales Partner and start earning today! Call +639175992483 )

With this awe-inspiring facts about Evergreen & Co in which we have been thoroughly bombarded with, I don’t think there are still reasons left as to why we won’t be patronizing this brand – starting from its content up until their encouraging actions, making us understand that what they are doing, isn’t basically for them, but for everyone as well.

Maybe upon reading this one, you’re moved- either by the need to have the said product be of help upon your household or you, being one with their movement. Whether where your stance really lies, here is their contact information, wherein you could know them more, and have your inquiries all answered.

Mobile No: +639175992483

*All photos courtesy of Evergreen Missions

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