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Taste.Company | Here Comes the Rain Again

Here Comes the Rain Again

July 16, 2016 2:04 am by Gabriella Galvez

Rainy weather essentials that put the fun in functional

Living in a tropical country that’s oft beset by typhoons, you’d think every Filipina would have a rainy-day wardrobe set aside in their closet, ready for when PAGASA busts out one of its colored “storm signals”. Tropical thunderstorms however, mean that the humidity doesn’t dissipate the moment the rain does. Us poor Filipinas always face the added challenge of taking a high chance of precipitation into consideration when dressing for our usual hot, and humid weather. It’s an opportune challenge; the silver lining behind the heavy downpour is the chance to wear clothes we wouldn’t normally don unless we needed to duck for dry cover.

Here’s a Top 10 list of essential rainy weather items that you can use for almost every wet-weather scenario, whether it’s to the boardroom, the gym, or your next after-work hang.

You don’t want to let the dreary weather affect your choice of top-most layer. Invest on a raincoat (1) that marries style with function! Fabric matters a whole deal: our weather calls for water resistant-yet-light clothing that will keep you dry inside while shielding you from the elements. Tropical storms will have your respect; show it by picking your outerwear carefully.

Style-wise, feel free to touch upon each color in the spectrum of light and use them to project/magnify/diminish your mood. Pick solid, bright colors that will keep you cheery on the outside, or prints against a reliable base color that will tie all of your accessories together. What color umbrella/bag/boots/scarf do you have? Which colors dominate your existing wardrobe? Find a coat that will be the perfect match for them all, and you can rest knowing that your raincoat will have been a worthy buy. Need more outerwear options? Keep scrolling down for more outfits and tips!

What should you wear under all that outerwear, you ask. Where we live, you wouldn’t want to be weighed down by too much textile, yet at the same time, who says you can’t bare some skin once precipitation starts descending?

Summery separates like a midi dress or skirt (2), topped with a slouchy jean jacket with an easy-to-hide sling bag (3) on the side, mean that your stuck-in-the-summer clothes still have a place on your bod when a damp day arrives.

Button-down shirts (4) make it easy to cover skin without completely hiding one’s neckline and can be buttoned up or down depending on external temperatures. Paired with a scarf (5) around one’s hair/neckline, we bet you could take the same look without your arsenal of rain gear and still wear this ensemble on a warm, dry day.

A dark trench over dark bottoms (6) and a simple top, or a cozy wool/polyester sweater (7) will keep you nice and toasty when you need to be. Dark clothing will keep you looking polished even when you accidentally get mud spatters or dirty raindrops on you. Layering is a talent that’s not restricted to cool-weather gals; tropical lasses can use the rainy season as the perfect time to experiment!

Speaking of accessories, a hat (8) is an easy add-on to every rainy day outfit. Not only does it make it easier for a friend to spot you in a crowd of uncovered heads, it keeps you stylish even when the raindrops start landing on your shoulders.

Don’t have the dough or the time to go on a search for the perfect coat this rainy season? A cute umbrella (9) will do, for now. Cute doesn’t mean expensive though – don’t spend on something that you’re bound to lose (often). Save the bucks for the next item of clothing!

Weather it’s skinny jeans (pun very much intended!) tucked into rain boots, or cropped pants worn with colorful sneakers/rubber shoes (10), your footwear makes and breaks your style on the street. You can go the comfy route with the latter, or rid your day of uncertainty with rain boots in any length. Just like your outerwear, this item requires a bit more out of your clothing budget. That said, one pair will keep your toes dry for a long time, if you find yourself a quality pair. Good thing about having two seasons is that your ROI will make it back to you in no time!

Cloudy skies’ the limit this season; light drizzles or heavier showers shouldn’t keep you from dressing well. The thrill is in the chase, as they say, and your next target is your next #OOTD: bookmark this link to make sure you stay chic and rainproof!