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Taste.Company | From Gym to Street

From Gym to Street

August 18, 2016 7:04 pm by Gabriella Galvez

Local entrepreneurs give fitness clothing behemoths a run for their money.

Lululemon, Lorna Jane, Stella McCartney’s Adidas line, even Forever 21 and H&M (!), have effectively diversified the fitness wear market in the past decade – so much so that women who wish to be fit and active now have countless options for their OOTDs at the gym or studio. In light of the surge in the number of boutique fitness studios opening all around the metro, activewear brands (both here and abroad) now effectively use social media platforms to advertise, and so-called “fitness ambassadors” are regularly tapped to spread awareness of a brand and its products. It’s this same medium that has allowed many local entrepreneurs to penetrate the industry and ultimately, succeed in it.

The Philippines and its recent tourism boom have inspired more self-confessed couch potatoes to undergo a lifestyle change: outdoor sports and other activities in tourist spots across the 7,000+ islands of the archipelago have encouraged those of us who wouldn’t normally go to the gym to get in shape to actually invest in athleisure attire that is both comfortable and stylish enough to make the wearer look good in say, Baler, or Badian. Here’s a comprehensive list of local brands that reside on Instagram (swimwear included!) that might inspire you to get more active:

Alcis Athletica

From “padded, 4-way stretch, and double lined” sports bras to neon tops worded with “Muscles and Mascara” or “Squat Goals”, Alcis Athletica’s eye-catching gear can easily be ordered via their website at www.alcisathletica.com.


Atsui PH’s Instagram is littered with inspiring quotes that’ll pop up in opportune moments as you’re scrolling through your feed. Atsui, or “hot” in Japanese, prides itself on shelling out “functional pieces in rich color palettes and prints… for the serious athlete and those in between”, like the yoga leggings seen below.

Be Amazing Fitness Apparel

Their Instagram handle says it all. One can be sure to look amazing in Be Amazing’s flattering silhouettes. Their leggings with strategically-positioned mesh panels and neon outlines are a crowd favorite!


The newly-debuted sibling of Blackbough Swim, Blackbough Sweat keeps it simple and functional, churning out chic bottoms (along with bras that you can rely on to function as bikinis as well) in all lengths that effectively camouflage any presence of a muffin top.

Duo Fit Manila

“Fitwear anywhere!” Focusing solely on leggings with cute piping around the calves to break the monotony of basic black (just like the one below), Duo Fit Manila can be reached via Facebookfor orders, or via their Instagram account.

MillenX Athletic Gear

Millennx’s styles and Instagram feed evoke a fun, sporty feel. Photos of real-life women (all wearing Millennx, of course) who could be your next fitspiration are stacked and sat together, all meant to inspire and motivate the brand’s followers to “Gear up. Go for the win. Keep moving!”.

Luna Fitness / Activewear

Luna Fitness MNL’s appeal could very well lie in its versatility when it comes to sizing. With sizes ranging from small (S) all the way up to quadruple-XL (4XL!) and with a convenient option to order merchandise in bulk, it’s not a surprise the brand’s quirky patterned leggings have gained a steady online following.

Perfectform Shapewear

Take a look at Perfectform’s Instagram and you’ll see girls in action wearing the brand’s “100% local sportswear”, thus staying true to their claim that their gear is “perfect for any workout”.

Pink Salmon Clothing

Pink Salmon is designed locally and their collection is easily accessible on Instagram and can be ordered just as easily via SMS/Viber. Their ensembles are simultaneously striking yet easy to match with almost anything you might have in your closet at present.

The Shape Shop Activewear

And no, activewear brands aren’t the only ones populating the social media marketplace nowadays – boutique swimwear brands that marry inventive designs with generous support (that could rival your best friend’s) are scattered all over the Instagram marketplace. We’re making the search easier for you by giving you another list of our top 10 local swim brands:



Eighth Mermaid Swimwear

Blackbough Swimwear

Float Swim

Beyond the Beach Swimwear

Ocean Essentials

Diwata Swimwear

Somer Swimwear

Sirena Swimwear

Common Ware

The odd one out of the bunch, Common Ware lives up to its handle with unisex board shorts and beach/rain wear in cute, colorful prints.

We’d be crazy not to admit that vanity is a huge driving force when taking the first few steps in one’s personal fitness journey. However, confessing to it isn’t a crime and it’s only one reason out of many to get active and healthy. Whatever the source of motivation, it all comes down to you looking out for yourself. So go out, get some gear, and carpe that diem!