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Taste.Company | Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel

December 20, 2016 10:10 pm by Karla Ramos

Text by Anina Marie Tan | Photos courtesy of Angela Angeles

In a world where fashion continuously evolves and transcends, being stylish can be described in more than a handful ways. There are those who choose clothing to be the star of their look and others who make accessories speak their fashion language. For the latter, basic cuts, plain colors, and modern designs for clothing are preferred, giving them the perfect opportunity to highlight their precious and intricately designed and crafted jewelry pieces, just like the ones made by by designer Angela Angeles.

At an early age, Angeles already possessed a fascination for all things beautiful and elaborately made. She immersed herself in various crafts projects, including jewelry making and in her early twenties, she finally fully embraced her inclination to her artistic side. Having trained at London’s Central Saint Martins and under renowned Burmese designer Wynn Wynn Ong, Angeles’ initial self-taught jewelry-making skills were greatly deepened, leading her to become a finalist in two categories at the Philippine Jewelry Design Competition. Later on, she coveted a full scholarship grant to the London chapter of Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Undoubtedly possessing a well-honed eye for detail and structure given her architectural degree, Angeles’ majestic designs are what make her truly noteworthy. One look at her pieces could leave your jaw dropping and eyes twinkling in complete amazement, at the same time understanding her design philosophy of intricate and ornate pieces inspired by celestial and otherworldly elements as exhibited in her debut collection in October 2012, entitled “Fierce Angel”. It showcased her fascination for angel wings and affinity for floral landscapes, all meticulously crafted in white metal alloy in metallic finish, and embellished with nothing less than Swarvoski and Preciosa crystals.

Her next collection was released after a year, specially exhibiting the use of iridescent prized pearls, aptly named “Sea Goddess”. Inspired by the Venusian ideal of a woman, “innocently beautiful but sensibly glamorous, womanly nurturing but commandingly present”, Angeles’ pieces were crafted with the use of white metal alloy dipped in gold or silver metal finish, studded with a variety of pearls, and metallic colored crystals from Swarovski, displaying her breathtaking talent yet again.

Just when you thought her imagination and inspiration have reached their highest form, from the heavens to the deepest of the seas, her third and latest collection “Oriental Celeste”, proves Angeles’ creativity has no limits just like the universe. Looking at the collection can be likened to witnessing the galaxies’ blinding lights from a myriad of stars, comets, meteors, and constellations, with the use of lustrous pearls from the vast oceans and brilliant crystals, creatively translated into stunning jewelry pieces.

The wearer of Angeles’ creations don’t only speak of pure elegance and grandeur in her majestically designed and crafted jewelry, but also that note-worthy glow from the beauty of each of piece that has been touched by heavenly hands of no less than an angel.

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