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Taste.Company | A Man’s Wardrobe According to Randy Ortiz

A Man’s Wardrobe According to Randy Ortiz

December 5, 2016 9:00 pm by Karla Ramos

By Marvie Young

Gentlemen above 18 should always have the basic staples of a man’s wardrobe.

For formal & special events, a traditional Filipino piña barong and straight cut black trousers in Italian wool are necessities.

For corporate suits, black or basic colors like dark gray and navy blue with matching pants in Italian wool are ideal. Straight or slim denims are essential for a casual look. For inner wear, staples would be Japanese cotton shirts in basic colors like white and blue, but one can also include pastel colors for variety.

Filipino designer Ortiz strongly recommends slim and sleek neckties with subtle prints to top off the look. Cuff links and hankies are a must.

For belts, Ortiz recommends pure leather traditional belts with silver or copper metallic hardware.

For the budget conscious, corporate ready-to-wear could be an option, but for those who don’t mind spending, bespoke is the way to go for a look and fit that’s perfect and sophisticated. For every bespoke piece of wardrobe, the exclusivity of ownership with having these custom-made brings extra confidence and charm to the wearer. Leather oxfords in basic colors complete the look.

For formal wear, a tuxedo in Italian wool with matching straight or slim fit trousers is a must-have for men. For those who prefer the classic and timeless look, basic colors like black and gray are staples. For the experimental and modern men, having varying hues of burgundy, navy, or emerald adds excitement to one’s collection.

When it comes to tuxedo shirts, white is the only color of choice. A bow tie in a plain or printed pattern can be used to complete the look, depending on how daring the wearer is.

One can dabble in patent shoes or buckled belts as accessory options.

Depending on the event or the occasion, a tuxedo can be made formal or personalized to look more fashionable. A man should be able to instinctively know what look is required of him so as to be appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Jackets are staples for men: bombers, dinner and club jackets, leisure and travel jackets, and trenches also make their presence. Neoprene, nylon, twill, and wool are the usual fabrics available at retail but for an extra kick in hardware, fabric and design, bespoke is still the benchmark for added premium. Jackets can be worn on top of a plain or printed t-shirt or polo shirt, and they work well with formal or sporty trousers, or jeans with slip-ons or sneakers. Wearing shorts instead of trousers can have the power to transform a look. Jackets can do the trick of transforming a casual look to a dressier one.. Jackets can do the trick for transforming a casual look to a more dressy one.

The rule of thumb for men’s wear is to be simple enough to not look feminine, but fashionable enough to have that winning edge. RTW is a viable option especially if budget is a concern, particularly for the younger generation, but bespoke, more so for formal wear, is still a man’s bestfriend to achieve that dapper look fit for a true gentleman of our generation.

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