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Taste.Company | 8 Reasons Why Every “Millennial” Should Own an AKABA Bag

8 Reasons Why Every “Millennial” Should Own an AKABA Bag

January 28, 2017 7:00 pm by Eunice Guzon

Whether you identify yourself as a millennial, ‘kind of’ a millennial, a Gen X-er who’s ‘feeling millennial’, or are in denial and will refuse to be categorized as such, here are eight reasons why Taste.Company recommends you to get an AKABA bag.

Millennial. THAT term. Much has been said about it. It’s the buzzword that’s in almost every article these days: managing millennials, marketing to millennials, or this: how millennials spend more money on coffee than on retirement. Recently, Taste.Company met with some young entrepreneurs who are behind the brand AKABA Co – a social enterprise founded in 2014 that aims to provide “an avenue for designers and local artisans to collaborate in the creation of timeless, high quality and high value travel bags”.

Their products showcase how handwoven textiles from the Philippines can be an eye-candy and utilitarian at the same time. An hour of conversation was more than enough to convince us. So here it is, our eight reasons why you should make AKABA a staple brand for your travel essentials this 2017:trends-akaba10

1. You will rebuild lives and communities

In their How Millennial are you? checklist, Buzzfeed asks its readers if they’re one of the millennials who, apparently, ruin everything. Don’t fret, dear millennial! Whatever the test says, you can be assured that your AKABA bag is helping rebuild communities, one bag at a time.trends-akaba2

2. You will help relive an almost-dying art of loom-weaving in the Philippines

Just like some of the enterprises we featured in our past posts (Tribe Dreamweavers, Vesti PH, Beyond Borders PH, PIOPIO, etc), AKABA also supports existing weaving communities in the Philippines. From Ilocos Norte, Isabela, Oriental Mindoro, and further south to Zamboanga, Basilan, and Sulu, these guys travel regularly to source their materials from the weavers.

They often pay twice or up to four times the market value to make sure that they provide equitable compensation that recognizes the skill and hard work required to produce these hand-woven textiles.trends-akaba12

3. It’s a piece of inspiration that says: Age doesn’t matter when it comes to ‘doing good’

AKABA started as a thesis proposal by one of its founders and later became a social enterprise startup. After a few ups and downs with structure and manpower, they were able to choose the right people to join their team of young dreamers, doers and do-gooders. Be inspired and learn more about #TeamAKABA by watching their videos here!trends-akaba4

4. You will be part of a movement that creates brands that do not leave the poor behind.

AKABA Ltd. Design Co. partnered with GKonomics (a social enterprise development platform of Gawad Kalinga) and HABI: The Philippine Textile Council, in spearheading a livelihood program on inabel-weaving in the Gawad Kalinga Namnama Village in Ilocos. They get help from master loom-weaver Charito Carriaga in teaching residents how and why learning the art of inabel loom-weaving will get them out of poverty in the next ten years. You might not be able to save the world, but you can help save a community. How cool is that?

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5. It’s 100% Filipino

Check your bag. Check the label. Where is it made? Don’t you think it’s about time to shift to local brands like AKABA? From the hand-woven accent down to the last stitch, you can be assured that it is proudly Pinoy through and through.trends-akaba6

6. Their products cater to your ever-changing mind.

They say millennials are fickle-minded. Well… If there are a lot of choices, how wouldn’t we be confused, right? AKABA Co. released around sixty styles since they launched in 2014. Plus, you can expect more designs from them in the coming months.trends-akaba3

7. You can never have enough bags, or travel bags for that matter.

Choose one, two or seven for every day of the week. Pick a knapsack, laptop bag, passport holder or wallet. It’s hipster. Or anti-hipster. Cool. Or anti-cool. There’s an AKABA bag for every mood, personality or OOTD.

8. It’s a conversation piece that carries ‘weight’

Not only can an AKABA bag be used to start a conversation, it’s a product that tells a story. For each AKABA bag you bring with you to (insert your next travel destination here), you carry a story that talks about a young Filipino brand that is “weaving a story of hard work and resilience through products that truly represent what it is to be Filipino”.trends-akaba13

If you don’t believe our reasons, maybe read these findings from Moosylvania’s Brand Ranking Report in 2015 which profiles how and why some brands connect strongly with millennials. According to the report, millennials support certain brands because of the following reasons: high quality products, they would recommend these brands, fits their personality, engaged in social responsibility, shares similar interests, and says important things. AKABA gets a check for each of those, don’t you agree?

So whether you identify yourself as a millennial, ‘kind of’ a millennial, are in denial (try these checklists from Buzzfeed and Pew Research Center) or in-between, we hope the list above gives you enough reasons to believe why it’ll be worth it to spare a portion of your coffee fund for an AKABA Co. travel essential. Check out their online store now!

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